A – Subject File Guide

June 1969 report from Task Force on Internal Accounting & Performance Measurement; memos discuss Return on Assets (ROA) and transfer pricing;
(m)Activities, Calendar for Employees, sample copy May, 29, 1964

Acquisitions, Divestitures & Joint Ventures (Agilent):
lists and transaction reports; Corporate Development’s definitions of transactions;Communications support for; Communications Plan, Healthcare Solutions Group divestiture, November 2000

See Also Corporate Development; Growing the Business, beAgilent, Dec/Jan 2001;
     See Also: Healthcare Solutions Group
     See Also Strategic Alliances

Acquisitions & Joint Ventures (HP):
various lists of acquisitions, mergers, investments and joint ventures, including Corp Development’s transaction reports; “Investments in Subsidiaries,” 10/1983; 1981 policy memo from Bob Boniface describing approval process and channels;

     See Also Strategic Alliances;
     See Also History, Divisional Structure;
     See Also individual companies; 1SRS3-News Releases;

Acronyms, Abbreviations and other Special Terms

Addison Avenue, 367, Articles:
news and magazine articles, cartoons about the garage; HP buys garage; “When the Car Was Out, the Business Was In” from Spectrum Magazine which details the early days, the Disney sale, etc; San Jose Mercury News articles from September 2004 “HP to Restore P. A. Property Where Founders Made History” and “HP Archivist Sees Garage Project as Chance of a Lifetime”; Tim Wheeler interview re garage photo, Peninsulan 1975; “Hewlett-Packard Garage Being Restored”, San Jose Mercury News, 7/1/05; “HP House Nears Completion”, San Jose Mercury News 11/8/05; Restoration Review in San Jose Mercury News 12/03/2005;

Addison Avenue, 367, Internal:
HP press releases, memos, factsheets; HP garage dedication ceremony, May 1989; garage made California State historical landmark, 1987; application for registration as California historical landmark; historical resources inventory, 1985;

Addison Avenue, 367, Landmark:
“Obtaining California Historical Landmark Status for the Garage — Birthplace of Hewlett-Packard Company and Silicon Valley,” Master of Arts thesis at California State University-Chico by Vernon Lee Andrews, 1989;

Addison Avenue, 367, Lucile Packard remarks:
Lucile Packard conference remarks include descriptions of the beginning of the company in the garage, of baking the paint on the panels in the oven, of the flat and how it was used for early company business, of Bill Hewlett’s cottage in the back yard;

See Also Individuals File, Lucile Packard for complete text of remarks

Adobe Systems Inc.:
scan-to-Web solution news release;

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.:
[strategic alliance] joint development agreement, 1993

Advanced Research and Development Division:
11/7/01 news release announcing new division;

Advertisements, 1939–1999:
first ad, November 1939; other ads 1939-1999; Wall Street Journal article, 12/9/99; “Digits” by D. Hamilton;

Advertisements, 1945–1953:
scrapbook; many from tearsheets in magazines;

Advertisements, 1999-  :

Aerospace Defense Business:

Affirmative Action, 1964–1995:
“Equal Opportunity Policies Reaffirmed” no date or author; non-discrimination policy; equal opportunity, minority activity; Multicultural Awareness Seminar, 1995; “Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action at Hewlett-Packard Company: Good Citizenship, Good Business or Government Compliance,” a paper by University of Wisconsin graduate      student and former HP employee Vernon Andrews, 1992; “25 Best Places for Blacks to Work,” Black Enterprise 2/1986; “Affirmative Action at HP,” 1983?; Measure articles from 1975, 1984, 1986, 1991; Agilent legal clarification of, 2003

See Also Measure October 1978

Affirmative Action, HP Labs Gender Study:
“Study of Gender/Cultural Factors Affecting Productivity” by HPL Affirmative Action Coordinator Nancy Sherman, 1985

AgBiotech Business Program:
launched May 15, 2003 with Magnaporthe grisea Oligo Microarray kit

Agilent Action Week:
     See Flying Hospital
     See Philanthropy Programs

Agilent AfterSchool:
various clippings & data sheets; Agilent makes the grade in Florida (Governor Bush honors AfterSchool program), 10/11/01

Agilent, Clippings and Announcements:
Update on Key Actions, 9/2005; Move to Santa Clara Announcement, 08/25/2005; Palo Alto to “Lose Top Tax Generator,” 08/25/2005; Neighbors Fear Expansion of Amonia Gas Storage, 08/31/2005;

Agilent Company Profile Slide Set:

Agilent Foundation:
Donation to Hurricane Katrina Relief, 8 2005; Annual Reports 2006, 2007

Agilent in Brief:
brochure “in Brief”, c.2000; booklets:  Agilent in Brief, c.2000; Agilent en resumen, July 2000; Agilent en bref, July 2000; Agilent In Breve; 4/28/00; Agilent in Kurze, July 2000

Agilent in the Community:
brochure 2006
“Agilent in Comms”
     See Telecommunications Industry, Agilent in Communications

Agilent in Communications
     See Telecommunications Industry, Agilent in Communications

Agilent, Job Opportunities:
booklet “The power of focus” describing Dreams made real and pointing to web site for exciting opportunities and internships at A. T., 10/99

Agilent Laboratories:
[aka “Labs”] article detailing “Ditch Day,” June 6, 2001; article about Agilent’s policy of using multidisciplinary teams to tackle lab challenges; article re: research done at Labs to improve focus of digital pictures; Org chart, 10/06/00; Year in Review, 2000, 2001, 2002; packet for new hires: Agilent Laboratories – Technology Making Dreams Real, with CD, 2000; Brochure, 2007;

See Also: Barney Oliver Prize

Agilent Laboratories China:
news releases announces plan to establish Agilent Labs China, 12/4/00, plus draft Q&A document;

Agilent Laboratories Scotland:

Agilent Results Bonus, ARB:
2003, formally Profit Sharing
“Agilent Technologies & Communications: Six Decades of Measurement Contributions”
     See Telecommunications Industry

Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.:
excerpt from 1/2002 10-K;
Agilent Vantage Workshop
See beAgilent Transformation

Agilent Variable Pay, AVP:
2008, formerly Agilent Results Bonus;

Agilent Ventures:
formed within Corporate Development in January 2001; first Managing Director is Maximilian Schroeck; investments in young technology companies such as ServiceCentral Technologies Inc., Lambda Crossing, Axsun Technologies, Spike Broadband Systems Inc., Tropian, etc.; Venture Unit Invests in Novera Optics’ Second Round of Funding, 3/16/01; Venture Unit Invests in MEMX’s series B Round of Funding, 2/11/03

Agilent Ventures, Clippings:
news clippings, external articles

[joint venture] 1991, to manufacture ultrasound and other medical products, with Almaz Scientific Industrial Corporation, Moscow, Soviet Union

[joint venture] 1992, to use Ada, a machine independent  programming language

Alumni of HP:
people who have worked at HP/Agilent and moved on to great success, and people who were mentored by Bill or Dave;

America’s Cup Yacht Race:
use of HP computer, 1987

American Electronics Association [AeA]:
1981 booklet “A Call for Action to Reduce the Engineering Shortage”; “Riding the High-Tech Boom: The American Electronics Association Story” by Chuck Elkind, manuscript, 1991; “AEA Faculty Development Program: Hewlett-Packard’s Commmitment”

See Also Awards, firsts, bests

American Holographic Inc.:
[acquisition] news release, April 26, 2000;

American Institute of Physics (AIP)
     Agilent Library – AIP Newsletter, Fall 2006; Agilent History Center and Archives – AIP Newsletter, Spring 2007;

Andover Division (Massachusetts):
See Also Sanborn
     See Also Medical Products Group (Andover)

Andromed Inc.:
strategic alliance to develop and market electronic stethoscope, the HP STETHOS

Anesthesia Recording Inc.:
[acquisition]June 20,2000 announcement of acquisition of ARI, to become part of Healthcare Solutionss Group;

Anniversary (10th):

Anniversary (15th):
special issue 11/7/54;

Anniversary (20th):
statistics for five year periods; 1960 brochure includes data, philosophy, and photos of Dymec, Boonton, Moseley, Paeco buildings;

Anniversary (25th):

Anniversary (25th), Planning:
planning for celebration, including memos, ideas, data;

Anniversary (25th), Reminiscences:
collected from Terman, Moseley, Crary, Oliver, Neely, Marx, 1939-64

Anniversary (40th):
anniversary issue of Reporter, 1979

Anniversary (50th):
celebration summarized in 2 internal memos; programs included anniversary flag, special name badges, 1989 commemorative calendars, limited edition calculators, internationl employee event:

See Also Calendar, 1989

Antitrust Laws:
internal correspondence including Dave Packard note stressing importance; Policy Statement and Compliance Guide, 1975

See Also Business Ethics
     See Also Standards of Business Conduct
     See Also Wiltron Lawsuit
(m)Apollo Computer, Inc. [acquisition] 1989, merger management,
See Also Personnel, Workforce Layoff Policy; Scotland, Livingston, workstations

Apollo Computer Inc.:
[acquisition] 1989; 4/21/89 memo to Richard Miller concerning ideas & challenges for Apollo integration, and how McKinsey could assist HP; news release announcing acquisition, 4/12/89;

Apple Computer Inc.:
1976 correspondence with HP legal dept. and Steve Wozniak releasing the product idea developed by Wozniak for a “microprocessor system”; includes handwritten description of personal computer invention, schematic drawings, note mentioning that Apple Computer Co. is a partnership with Steve Jobs; news articles; press releases

Applied Optoelectronic Technology Corp.:
[acquisition] newsgram announces acquisition of AOT, 12/19/90;

Arab Boycott, 1975-77:
(1 of 2) corporate boycott of Israel, policy; letters from HP to U.S. Congress; articles;

Arab Boycott, 1975-77:
(2 of 2) resolution rejected by shareholders, 1977; includes letters from shareholders, including the American Jewish Congress; letters from HP to Congress; memos by Packard and others; news articles

articles; Newsgram; Reporter announcement; interesting article quoting Karen Lewis from Click magazine re: beer busts and the Lucky Lager found at 395; “Appraisal of the Agilent Company Archives” (2 copies), July 2005; more

Archives, Web Site:
includes complete filing detailing the need of the Archives to “webify” in 1999, includes major messages, plans, timelines, and company slides

“Art Guidelines and Recommendations,” 1977; corporate art rentals in Silicon Valley; mural by Mary Henry;

Articles of Incorporation:
a partnership becomes a corporation, 1947; amendment to Articles, 1984;

Artificial Intelligence:
HP Conference 1985, 1987, HP Labs

for CSO, Computer Systems Organization, as of April,1991, region includes Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore; HP in Asia; Hewlett-Packard in Asia Pacific, 1991

     See Also Intercontinental Operations (Intercon)

Asia-Pacific Tour, 2002:
Barnhold tour of Agilent sites in Korea, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan;

ASM International, Engineering Materials Achievement Award:
1991 nomination for Thermal Ink Jet Technology, prepared by Howard Taub, HP Labs Feb. 8, 1990; PC inkjet printer, laser, printheads

Atlanta (Georgia):
Hewlett and Packard visit, 1988

ATN Microwave Inc.:
[acquisition] RF component test company acquired 12/2000;

first office established 1967; Intercom article on ASO; copy of brochure “HP in Australia”; “Things Are Looking Up Down Under,” Measure (Sept/Oct 1984); “Australia: the New New World,” Measure 1968; Facts Sheet (Australia & New Zealand), 12/02

See Also Telecom Hewlett-Packard Proprietary Ltd.

coat of arms, 1983;

Automated Test Group (ATG):
includes interview with John Scruggs, dated March 26, 2002; also press release discussing VLSI Research’s tracking of Agilent’s ATE (automated test equipment) growth rate in 2002 (highest ranking among ATE suppliers); Adrian Dillon answers questions on why ATG will be reported as a separate segment, 12/02/02;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1956-77:
AMD commemorative medal; purchases Sunnyvale site for AMD, 4/72;

See Also Sunnyvale Site

Automatic Measurement Division, 1970:
Marketing/Engineering review, April 6, 1970;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1972:
AMD review, Oct. 4, 1972;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1973:
AMD review, Oct. 30, 1973;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1975:
AMD review, Dec. 18, 1975;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1977:
AMD review, Feb. 15, 1977;

Automotive Industry:
John Deere uses JDVision to improve order accuracy, 1995; Ford service bay diagnostics, 1995; tool from Integrated Systems Division helps General Motors, 1995;

See Also Smart Car

Avantek Inc.:
[acquisition] announcement 8/7/91 that Avantek (located at 3175 Bowers Avenue in Santa Clara) will be acquired & merged with HP Components Group; “Avantek: 25 Years of Microwave Technology Leadership, 1965-90”; 1990 10-K;

“To Our Passengers,” Sabreliner n.d.; history of department by Ken Peartree, circa 1988; description of airplanes and new facility at San Jose airport;

Avondale Division (Pennsylvania):
review October 1982; 10th Anniversary,1975; 25th Anniversary or HP/F&M, 1984; 1990 article about HP move from Avondale to Little Falls Centre;

See Also Chemical Analysis Group; Delaware; F&M Scientific

Awards & Achievements (Agilent):
beAgilent article on Ned Barnholt’s receipt of the prestigious AeA Medal of Achievement; also article from beAgilent discussing Agilent’s 2001 President’s Community Volunteer Award; EDN’s 2000 Innovation winners (FBAR), 4/26/01; beAgilent Agilent Malaysia and Singapore named best employers, 09/06/01; A.T. Receives Two California Governor’s 2001 Awards for Outstanding Achievements in Programs for the Disabled, 11/5/01; BeAgilent: Bridging Worlds – California recognizes comprehensive program developed by Patty O’Sullivan for employees with disabilities, 11/06/01;

See Also Fortune; Agilent on List of Best Companies for GLBT [Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender] Employees, 2/18/03;

Awards & Achievements (HP):
firsts, bests: honors, press praise, recognition;

See Also Calendar, 1989;
See Also Fortune Magazine
See Also names of specific awards (i.e. Computerworld)
     See Also Society of Manufacturing Engineers

B – Subject File Guide

Barney Oliver Prize:
(note: this is Agilent’s continuation of HP Labs’ Joe Birnbaum Prize for Innovation) innovation prize from 2000, given by Agilent Labs; feature on Labs’ Bruce Beasley’s work in sculpture; First Annual Barney Oliver Prize Awarded to Julie Fouquet and Dave Donald, for work on optical cross-bar switch (Champagne bubble switch), 11/17/00; Agilent Labs Honors Innovation with the Oliver Prize – recipients Ken Poulton and Robert Neff, 12/02;

beAgilent Transformation:
includes presentation discussing  Stratos, Excella and Vantage Programs; Excella white paper on customer service, 6/30/2000;

Bench Briefs:
early (1961-63) issues of HP Bench Briefs, “your private line to HP’s customer service dept.”;

Berkeley Business School:
“MBA Core Course Reading Materials,” 1986

Bicycle path (Arastradero, Palo Alto):
agreement, clippings, technical drawings, 1976-77;

mobile lab donated to NYPD to detect bioterrorism threat “on the spot”; 3/28/02 news release summarizing Agilent’s products useful in detecting chemical warfare agents;

Blood Banks:
1976 memos to Ray Wilbur about relationship with Peninsula Blood Bank, and Red Cross at Stanford;

Bluetooth: general background from beAgilent, 2002

Board of Directors (Agilent):

Board of Directors (HP):
Corporate Directories, 1957-88, some with executives; news releases about Board appointments; brochure with pictures of directors of HP Norway, Denmark & Finland; 1997 article about HP board by Lew Platt from Directors and Boards, includes mission guidelines;

See Also 1SRS6 individual files

Board of Directors (HP), Asia Pacific Tour:
briefing packet includes overview of HP sites on the 1988 tour (Japan, Singapore, Malaysia), including photos;

Boeblingen Computer Products Division:
announcement and org chart, 1983;

See Also Germany


See Also Latin America

Bonus check, 1957:
stub printed with message “Merry Christmas from Bill and Dave”

Boonton Radio Corporation:
[acquisition] founded 1934, acquired by HP 1959; moved from Boonton to Rockaway, New Jersey; early publications, product announcements; autobiography of C.J. Franks in manuscript form, 1932-63;

Boston University, Photonics Center:
11/14/02 news release about the collaboration;

Bowers Site (Santa Clara)
     See Avantek Inc.

notes on 1964 company bowling tournement;

See Also Corporate Image

Brand Management Audit,

Brand Management organization,
phase out announcement, 2005

Brand & Customer Awareness Tracking, Wave 3:
memorandum on start of next wave of advertising, and brief update of Wave 3, 11/05/01

Brand & Customer Awareness Tracking, Wave 4:
research results presented 10/29/99;

Brand & Customer Awareness Tracking, Wave 6:
research results presented 3/29/00;

Brand & Customer Awareness Tracking, Wave 7:
research results presented 4/29/00;

Brand & Customer Awareness Tracking, Wave 12:
research results presented 9/28/00;

Brand & Customer Awareness Tracking, Wave 13:
research results presented 10/30/00;

Brand,Tagline Phase Out

Facts Sheet, 10/02; Agilent Brazil Celebrates 35th Anniversary [11/20/02], 12/10/02;

See Also Latin America

Brand Management (Agilent):
Office Support Products Audit Report, First Half, FY01; Marketing Literature Audit Report, First Half, FY01; Product Labeling Audit Report, First Half, FY01;Brand Communications Platform 2002

Break Even Time [BET]:
Corporate Engineering, 1990

(m)Bristol, England, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, R&D  established; see also news release Nov. 3, 1983, U.K.
(m)Broadcast Station Measurements, circa 1950

BT&D Technologies Ltd.:
[acquisition] fiber optic components manufacturer, a Dupont-BT (British Telecom) joint venture acquired May 1993;

Buildings and Sites, Miscellaneous:
article on Polly and  Jake’s Antique Shop: clippings & news releases about Atlanta, Roseville, Corvallis, PAECO, California Avenue (Building 17); building designation chart, 1962;

See Also specific addresses (i.e. Addison Avenue, 367);
     See Also location division name (i.e. Avondale Division)

Business Cards:
samples through the years
(m)Business Computer Group, Organization and Communication guide, two folders, 1980

Business Ethics:
beAgilent feature dated 10/03/02 discussing business controls in response to corporate scandals sinking Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia; “No Bribes or Pay-offs, No boycotts,” international business; Dick Alberding letter to distribution about competitive intelligence ethics, 1990; Press Release, 1976; integrity, honesty;

See Also Antitrust Laws
See Also International Business
See Also “Worldwide Business Ethics of HP”

Business Hall of Fame:
Hewlett and Packard inducted, 1988;

Business Plans:
Lucile Packard’s typewritten notes from 1937; CEO  hoshin 1994, 1995, 1997; “Hoshin Planning Reference Guide,” Corporate Quality, 1991;

“Amended By-Laws,” 1957;

C – Subject File Guide

Calendar, 1989:
50th anniversary souvenir calendar, contains company history in timeline format;

Caliper Technologies Inc.:
[joint venture] established May 1998, to develop lab-on-a-chip integrated circuit; IC, chip systems for chemical and medical laboratory analysis

Call to Action and SMS Update:
Agilent Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Support, Executive Engagement Plan, 5/22/01

Callida Genomics Inc.:
licensing agreement news release, 5/20/02;

Canada, 1961-99:
fact sheet, 11/95; Top 40 Under 40 award for CEO Paul Tsaparis, 4/7/99; 25th Anniversary newspaper, Panacom; 11/1/61 letter to customers from Noel Eldred announcing new subsidiary, HP (Canada) Ltd; 1983 Measure article includes maps showing HP sights in Canada;

Canada, 1999-  :
Agilent Canada home page and “Country Facts Sheet” circa April 2002;

Case Studies, 1950’s & 1960’s:
HP used by students for term papers, 1950, 1960;

Case Studies, 1970’s:
case study by Roger Atherton and Dennis Crites “Hewlett-Packard” University of Oklahoma, 1975-1980

Case Studies, 1980’s & 1990’s:
“Hewlett-Packard: Wisdom on Running and Growing a Company,” Harvard Business School 1997, case study [written almost entirely from The HP Way]; “Hewlett-Packard’s Santa Rosa Systems Division,” Harvard Business School 1997, Test and Measurement Organization

See Also “Hewlett-Packard: A 1975- 1978 Review”; “Computer Strategy,” Harvard Business school case study, 1980; “Human Resources at HP,” Harvard Business School Case Study, 1982, 1995; “International Business – Case Study”; International Expansion; Graduate School of Business Stanford University. “Building the Culture at Agilent Technologies: Back to the Future”;

Case Studies, 1999-  :
“Building the Culture at Agilent Technologies: Back to the Future,” Sanford, 9/2001;

memo stating that annual catalogs created in-house after 1966; news release from 4/12/00, Agilent’s T&M Catalog 2000 is the most widely circulated book in the test & measure industry;

See Also the catalog shelf

Cerjac Inc.:
[acquisition] telecommunications test company acquired in 1993;

Measure articles (1968, 1969 1986, 1991, 1993): “Coping with Change at HP” speech by Bob Waterman, McKinsey & Co., 1984; WRH comments on intellectual revolution when he accepted Harvard award, 1970; “Perils of Success” article about resistence to change at IBM, Montgomery Ward;TMO Change Manager’s Guide, 1993; Change…away of life (TMO) folding card 1994 with Packard quote; People/Culture Taskforce White Paperon Change, 1993

Chartered Silicon Partners:
4/3/97 news release announcing this joint venture between HP and Singapore Economic Development Board, to provide foundry services;

Chemical Analysis Group [CAG]:
became Life Sciences Chemical Analysis, 2001; profile of general manager Rick Kniss, dated  May 7, 2001; also very interesting Fortune article from Oct.  11, 1999 “Good-bye Test Tubes, Hello Lab-on-a-Chip,” Fortune 10/11/99; historical timeline, 1961-2000; includes presentation by Rick Kniss; Affymetrix Ruling on Southern Patents, dated April 7, 2000; Japanese Bio Science Market Embraces CAG’s Technology [2100 Bio Analyzer], 4/26/01;

See Also Products, Analytical; Products, Chemical Analysis Systems; Avondale Division;

Chemical Analysis Group [CAG]: Business Strategy White Paper, 9/12/01
also, Strategy Map and Organization Structure chart

Chemistry Lab:
Watts Current (August 1960) overview of growth under Charlie Reis;


See Also Latin America

China, 1970-1999:
“Hewlett-Packard Entering PRC” by Chining Liu, circa, 1990; Excerpt from Chining Liu oral history describing the 1979 China trip and events leading up to it;  Packard/Don Hammond summary of conversation about Packard trips to China, 1977, 1978; Packard recommendations to assist in the modernization of industry in the People’s Republic of China; “Building Together Our Electronic World,” June 1998; also includes photo of CHP board of directors taken June 18, 1998, with all but two of the attendees identified

See Also Tom Christiansen Collection 3COLL5, series 5

China, 1999-  :
Agilent Technologies Shanghai Co. Ltd. Opens at Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone, 3/02; A.T. Opens New Operation in Beijing to Serve China’s Communication Industry, 12/11/02; “Agilent in China” brochure, includes historical timeline 1995-2002; Agilent Technologies Shanghai presentation, 2003,fact sheet, 2003;Greater China Top-Level Messages created by Media Relations, 2004

China, Beijing Headquarters

     Opening Celebration Book, 2007;

China, Healthcare Markets:
Bern Shen M.D., HP Labs 1996 report on healthcare issues in China;

China, Most Favored Nation Status:
drawer statement, n.d.; 4/26/94 PR from California’s Business Coalition for U.S.-China Trade; letter from Platt to President Clinton;

China, Tiananmen Square Incident:
6/6/89 email from employee in Beijing; newsgrams advisories, May-June 1989; articles

China Integrated Design Center (CIDC):
A.T. Collaborates with China Integrated Design Center to Establish China’s First SOC Engineering Testing Center, 1/15/03

China Hewlett-Packard, Briefing:
restricted e-mail from Tom Pierson, 9/20/85;

China Hewlett-Packard, Legal Documents:
Memorandum of Understanding between Zhou Jia Hua and David Packard, March 14, 1980 in Palo Alto; “Following the visit of Mr. David Packard, Chairman of the Board of the Hewlett-Packard Company, to the People’s Republic of China” in August 1979, a delegation led by Mr.Zhou Jia Hua, vice president of the Xinshidai Company, visited Hewlett-Packard in March 1980, (from Tom Christiansen Collection); Memorandum of Understanding for the Joint Venture Between HP and CEIC (China Export Import Company), signed by David Packard and Jiang Zemin, Chinese and English,1983, ORIGINAL

Christmas Gifts Policy:
indicated by Packard, Nov. 30, 1955

Christmas Parties:
1955 policy; Christmas time off history

Christmas Snowman Project:
recreation, circa 1942

Circuit Technology:
breakthroughs, 1962-1986;

Cisco Systems Inc.:
alliance announced, January 1997, to jointly develop networked computing solutions; strategic marketing agreement, 9/7/94;

community service; voting at elections; “HP Way: Corporate Clout or Good Citizenship,” PA Weekly 2/10/82; “The Participators,”Measure, March 1966; special “Action in the Community” issue of Measure, December 1978; “The Corporation & Society,” Watt’s Current, 1970, article stating HP philosophy of corporate citizenship including concern for customers, environment and employees (equal opportunity);

See Also Business Ethics; Foothills Park; Social Policy, Responsibility; Volunteerism;

Mechanical Design Division converted into a subsidiary of HP Holding GmbH, 9/26/96 news release;

Coffee Talks, 2000:

Collegiate Network Program:
1985 sales brochure describes educational discounts on computers;

distribution questionnaire from Instrumentacion

Colorado, Annual Report:

Colorado, Government Affairs:
mainly environmental concerns, 1979

Colorado, Hayman Fire:
2002, employee donations

Colorado, History (HP):
“30 Years of Commitment to Colorado, 1989; economic impact document, 1983; “HP—Then & Now in California–in Colorado,” Colorado Development Digest, 1965;

Colorado Memory Systems:
[acquisition] acquired CSM, September 1992

Colorado Springs Division, Brochures:

Colorado Springs Division, Clippings, 1963-1964:

Colorado Springs Division, Clippings, 1980’s:

Colorado Springs Division, History:
“History of HP in Colorado Springs,” 1959-83; CSD and LSD reunification, 1991;

Colorado Springs Division, Plant Dedication:

Colorado Springs Division, Public Relations, 1961-64:
Colorado Springs Gazette article re: Sertoma Award  presentation to Dave Packard; creation of oscilloscope division in Palo Alto, 2/61; plan for building new manufacturing plant (for oscilloscopes) in C Springs announced, 11/61;

[tradeshow] includes history/timeline of tradeshow

“Communication Policies and Practices at Hewlett-Packard”:
report submitted to . . .Harvard University by James C. Morrison,Jr., 1988(includes public relations, employee relations);

Communications Industry
See Telecommunications Industry

Communications Department:
“Corporate Public Relations” – mission, values, objectives; “Corporate Communications Key Objectives for FY96”; “Corporate Public Relations Linkages,” Katie Nutter; Bojana Fazarinc becomes director of combined marketing & communications department, Sept.1998;

See Also Public Relations

Communist Countries:
timeline showing HP in the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Hangary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Poland;

See Also  Soviet Union, individual countries;
See Europe, East Central; Russia  [after 1989]

Community Affairs:
“Community Relations for a New HP Site” draft, 1981;

Community Forum (Agilent Labs):
schedule for Tech or Treat tour, 10/31/01;
Community Service:
     See  Citizenship
(m)Commuting, worldwide; How We Get to Work; Measure March, 1964

remarks by John Young, 1984; “Global Competition: the New Reality,” President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness, 1985; news release about 1991 report from the Council on Competitiveness; news release about “Critical Technologies Update 1994”;

x President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness

“Component Business Opportunities for Hewlett-Packard”:
a  proposal by M.M. Atalla, 1968;

Components Group: 11/18/74 Components Group restructures; data on performance/demand for semiconductors, diodes, optoelectronics, photoconductors, etc.; Components Group Highlights, 1961-1998;

See Also HP Associates, LEDs
See Also Semiconductor Products Group

Components Group, Anniversary (25th):
25th Anniversary 1987;

See Also  HP Associates [HPA]

Components Group, Organization Charts, 1970s:
(1 of 2)

Components Group, Organization Charts, 1970s:
(2 of 2)

Computer Access Technology Corporation:
strategic alliance, 2000, to develop an advanced protocol anlayzer;

Computer-Assisted Instruction [CAI]:
1984 article on online training
(m)Computer Associates International Inc., CA alliance, 1991
(m)Computer History: United Sates of America vs. International Business Machines Corporation Pretrial Brief for IBM, 1975, anti-trust case contains information about computer industry circa 1975, mentions HP;

     See Also “Analytical Engine” central files ???

Computer History, General:
articles, including “The failure of IBM” from March, 1993 Upside; history of computing from Britannica; “Microprocessor: First 25 Years,” Upside (October, 1993); Y2K article;

Computer History, HP:
“How HP Entered the Computer Business,” Colman A. Mc Donough, 1977; Stanford University Graduate School of Business case study, 1973, describing the early years of HP’s mini-computer business; Computer Systems Group “Then and Now,” history of CSG from Dynac to Palo Alto Division to Boise Operation to Cupertino Division to Data Systems Division; Measure articles; notes from Bill Terry on the Omega and Alpha projects, circa 1970; “Capsule History of Hewlett-Packard Computer Business”; 1983 memo and excerpts from NY Times article featuring candid interview with Paul Ely; article from Business Week, dated July 17, 1978 discussing HP’s mini-computers

See Also (m)Personal Computer Division
See Also (m)Desktop Computer Division

(m)Computer History, HP: HP’s Early Computers; Part One:  Interview with Barney Oliver, HP 9100A Tom Osborn, HP 2116,  HP Labs, DSI, Dymec, Omega, 2100; Part Two: The Education of  a Computer Maker, An Interview with Joe Schoendorf in “The  Analytical Engine, August, 1995 (2116A, 2114, 2115, 2100,  3000, Omega, Frankenberg story about memory in the 1970s,  entry into OEM business, Data Systems Division, Tom Perkins,  Dymec. 2000 time-share system; Part Three: the HP3000 by  Chris Edler, Alpha, Omega Packard’s “wow, ouch!” memo.   Mainframe elimination program, May 1996, open systems,  client server computing.

Computer History, HP, Case Study:
“Challenging the Entrepreneurial Culture”; Harvard Business School case  study about the restructuring of the computer organization, 1984

Computer History, HP, Case Study:
“Hewlett-Packard: From Instrumentation to      Computers A Study of Strategy and Structure” 1984, Phyliss Egan and Kathryn Hackley; San Francisco State University research project in partial fulfillment for the degree of     Master of Business Administration

(m)Computer Organization, 1981 – present (See Also organization charts)
(m)Computer Products Organization [CPO]

Computer Research Center:
reorganization memo 1984
(m)Computer Strategy, Distributed Computing Business Requirements and Current Product Status, 1987; Distributed Computing Task Force – Systems Business Management Council
(m)Computer Strategy, Regis McKenna project, 1988, 1993

Computer Systems Organization:
strategy, Dec. 4, 1990, Lew Platt talk; new group announcement, Jan. 18, 1991

Computer Systems Policy Project [CSPP]:
NIIT; model CRADA U.S.  computer industry and the Department of Energy’s (DOE)  national laboratories, May 1992;

See Also (m)Sandia; 3COLL25.FC (Frank Carrubba); 3COLL17.JAY (John Young)

“Computers: Status and Future Direction”:
speech for Bill Hewlett by Bert Raphael with notes by John Taylor, April, 1987

Computerworld Honors 21st Century Achievement Award:
6/4/2002, Agilent IT (Marty Chuck, CIO) wins Computerworld award for visionary use of information technology, “One I.T.”; “The Agilent Archive,” Agilent’s awards for The Flying Hospital, Harvard Medical School Project on Human Simulation, Chicago Airport System HeartSave Program and the City of Hope National Medical Center Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer Replaces Gel Electrophoresis for Cancer Screening;

See Also Awards & Achievements

Computing Center (Bay Area), 1968-88:
1988 historical overview Corporate System’s computing center, as seen by its newsletter
(m)Contributing to International Standards Development: brochure 1992

“Converting Innovative Technologies to Products”:
by Don L. Hammond, June 1988; Creativity, R&D, computer history; HP History ultrasound, laser interferometer, components, encouraging entrepreneurism at HP;

Convex Computer Corp.:
[acquisition] alliance, 1992; acquisition, 1995

Cooperative Computing Environment [CCE]:
concept description; glossary; presentation “Computing in the 90’s”; Bridging Islands of Information: Intro to HP’s Distributed Object Computing Environment,” July 1992;

Corning Cable Systems:
agreement, Aug. 3, 2001

Corporate Brochure:
Agilent Corporate Brochure, 2006;

Corporate Communications:
Major Messages, 1995, Corporate planning and reference tool to be used as an aid to communication of any kind.  Updated annually

Corporate Culture:
meeting at HP Nov. 12, 1996 Rick Belluzzo, Jerry Porros on visionary company project, Stanford Business School; Lew Platt on culture-based organizations and The HP Way, coffee breaks – history; memo from Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2000 discussing CNET Radio coffee break win; See Also HP Way, Young President’s Organization: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.  Building the Culture at Agilent Technologies: Back to the Future (see Case Studies); Friday dress

Corporate Development:
Integration Services presentation on benchmarking, 12/2000; business creation strategy, 2000

See Also Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

“Corporate Identity Application Manual”:
use of logos, trademarks, 1979;

Corporate Image Study, 1974:

Corporate Marketing Policy:
Commissions, Quota Credit, 1964-1978; Pricing and Discounts, 1964-1978; International Orders, 1964-1978; Trade Pricing, 1979, 1983; Quotations, 1964-1970; Advance Purchase Orders, 1964-1978; Demonstration Instruments, 1963-1976; Rated Orders, 1963-1976; Logistics Support Data, Government Sales, 1964-1978; Special Instruments, 1964-1979; Restocking, 1963-1974; Repairs, 1964-1974; Parts Sales, 1964-1978; Warranty, 1965-1976

Corporate Objectives:
HP Corporate Objective History, 1957-89 (table); “Objectives of the HP Company” by DP, 1957; Eldon anecdote about DP in 1957

Corporate Objectives, 1961:

Corporate Objectives, 1966:

Corporate Objectives, 1969:
Hewlett notes

Corporate Objectives, 1974:

Corporate Objectives, 1977:

Corporate Objectives, 1979:

Corporate Objectives, 1980-1985:
1982, 1983, 1980;

Corporate Objectives, 1986-1990:
in addition to draft & final statements of corporate objectives, there are notes from 1985 Management Council retreat; 1986; 1989;

Corporate Objectives, 1996:

Corporate Objectives, 2000:

Corporate Product Training Dept.:
organization charts, 1966, 1967

Corporate Structure
     See Organization Charts

Corporate Systems Organization:

See Also Computing Center (Bay Area)

Corporate Telecommunications and Office Systems:
Strategy and Projects, 1987; Site Networking Guidelines, February 1988;

Corvallis Division:
Measure articles about: Bill Wickes and calculator R&D, the new palmtop computer; 1974 agreement in principle to purchase land near Corvallis, expect to move Advanced Products Division from Cupertino; What’s New with IED/CVS, 6/6/01

Costa Rica: 

Hewlett address at 6/12/86 MIT commencement on creativity as competitive advantage; Measure March-April, 1986; “Genius,” Wall Street Journal report May, 1993; Barney Oliver speech circa 1962; Packard Speech to the Western Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, September 1964, on managing creativity;

See Also 3SRS29 (HP Labs, Hammond, Fazarinc)

Credit Suisse First Boston Lawsuit:
2002 class-action lawsuit against CSFB;

Credit Union:
founded 1970 (Watts Current, 2/70); name changed to Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union, letter 4/22/2002;

Crystal Skull:
crystal laboratories in Santa Clara analyze skull and determines it was carved from a single hunk of crystal; Pages from book “The Crystal Skull” by Richard M. Garvin, 1973; Measure article February, 1971

Cupertino Engineering Department:
organization chart 1988;

Cupertino Site:
ownership history 1850-1951; move into new building, 4/79; construction begins, 10/77; Computer Group brochure;

Customer College:
1968 training classes and HP-TV;

Customer Complaints:

See Also 1SRS9 (Customer Communications)

Customer Executive Center (CEC):
opened March 22, 2001, Santa Clara, Calif.

Customer Financing:
memo from Adrian Dillon and Larry Holmberg, dated June 20, 2002 announcing “a number of decisions designed to aggressively fix Agilent’s customer financing”

Customer Service:
1958, 1976, 1983; 1995 DeskJet printer paper feed problem, paper pick, Officejet, workstation; creation of Customer Services Division, 1976; “Directory of Available Services,” [n.d.]; Service & Support Chronology, 1957-1980;

See Also Bench Briefs
     See Also Response Center
     See Also “Service in Depth”
     See Also Worldwide Customer Support Operations

Customer Service, Workshop:
“Satisfying Our Customers”, 1983;

Cypress Semiconductor:
2002 joint collaboration to develop optical mouse, USB design;

(m)Data Communications, Guidebook to 1977
(m)Data Products Group
(m)Data Systems Division, 1977; see also Automatic Measurement Division

Data Systems Inc.
     See Computer History, HP (“How HP Entered the Computer Business,” by McDonough, 1977)

D – Subject File Guide

Datamec Corp.(Mountain View):

press release 1965

Day One,Day 1, Celebration:
contains detailed Q&A, highlights and extensive Guide for Employees, also includes printouts of pictures of Day One celebrations around the world

Day One, Planning:
includes Latin America Region Day One Celebration report; Measure articles; Powerpoint slide presentation re:plans for Day One; Meeting Guide for Managers;

(m)Dazel: [acquisition]May 5, 1999


     See  Little Falls (Delaware) Site

Delcon Corp. (Palo Alto):
[acquisition] ultrasonic detection & test company acquired 1/65, becoming Delcon Division; press releases 1964-65; in 1981, Division was moved and renamed Colorado Telecommunications Division;

Deming Prize
     See Yokogawa-HP, Deming Prize

(m)Design Systems Group, 1984 Computer-Aided Engineering,  Computer-Aided Design, CAE, CAD
(m)Desktop Computer Division, Press Release 1978

Digital Connections 2000:
[conference] includes internal article re: Agilent’s contribution to the conference, which includes reconfirmation of Agilent’s commitment to diversity, Jesse Jackson’s praise of companies such as Agilent

See Also Diversity
Digital Equipment Corporation
     See Computer History, HP (1977 McDough thesis)

Disabled Persons:
joint project between HP and local colleges, 1986;
(m)Disc Memory Division, DMD, study package; Disc (disk) Technology, magnetic recording (MR) history; Site Tour Guide;

“Discipline of Teams”:
Harvard Business Review, March-April 1993; mentions HP Medical Products Group(m)Disk manufacturing

Disney Studios, 200B Oscillators:

Disney Studios, Stancil, William:
correspondence with William Stancil and Measure about use of the 200B audio oscillator in Fantasia; Stancil is “missing link” and salesperson to Disney;

Diversity and Inclusion:
from Infospark, Nov. 26, 2002, Alma Vigo-Morales named as Director of Diversity and Inclusion; BeAgilent feature: Pearls of Wisdom: Historical Parallels on Diversity, 12/27/01; Pearls of Wisdom: The Panelists and Their Organizations, 12/27/01;

Draper Award:

Dreams Made Real Tours:
ESPG’s Dreamliner Truck used for sales and demo tours;

Duck Club:

[fka Dynac, renamed June 1958] 7/6/59 press release announces approval for merger with HP, becomes Dymec Division;
See Also Palo Alto Division

Articles from Watts Current? – January 1956, February 1956, May 1956, February 1957, April 1957, June 1958; Dynac News, Vol 1, No 1;

“Dynac, Inc.–A Case Study in Small Business”:
MBA thesis by Robert A. Cornell; founded 1956, a “systems” business, located in the Redwood Building, considered an HP affiliate (HP owned 100% of voting stock, other stock owned by employees of HP);

E – Subject File Guide

“E” Award: 1943, 1962
Earth Day

See  Environment, Earth Day

Earthquake, Oct. 17, 1989:

East Central Europe:
1989, formerly Communist countries

Eastern Service Center (Rockaway):
(m)Eastman Kodak Company, strategic alliance, 1995

[acquisition] eCamera unit of PhotoAccess.com Corp. acquired Aug. 16, 2000;

Education, Agilent Support of: Andrew Hill School Biotechnology Academy; ISEF (Intel International Science & Engineering Fair), 2001;

See Also Philanthropy Programs

Education, HP Support of: university and industry cooperation; “Changing America’s Future Today:  A new Perspective for K-12 Education,” 1992; program to support K-12 education, 1992; UCCS (University of Colorado, C-Springs) Engineering School;

See Also K-12 Education Symposium

[acquisition] computer-aided engineering (CAE) software developer acquired 8/93;

[architectural firm]designed Shockley’s original semiconductor building; Ehrlich worked with Birge Clark on the Redwood Building;

Election, 1992:

Election, 1992, Electronic Mail:
company email forum discussion of the elections;

“Electrical Energy, Why Reliability is Essential and How to Attain It”:
HP position paper prepared jointly for the     Executive Committee by Public Relations and Government Relations with Barney Oliver, 1979, in support of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant; nuclear power;

(m)Electronic Commerce, E-commerce; see also E-services

Electronic Mail:
HPDesk, e-mail, unix notes introduction, 1987; Electronic Messaging Usage Guidelines, 1996; use of Notes; “HP: Business Telematics in Action,” 1986;

See Also      Internet
     See Also Telecommunications at HP

Electronic Products and Solutions Group (EPSG):
EPSG Restructuring/Downsizing Announcement slide presentation, 8/20/01; Downsizing and Restructuring Questions and Answers, 8/20/01; Downsizing and Restructuring Answers to Employee Questions, 8/31/01;

Electronic Newsletters:
a sample of HP newsletters, Spring 1992
(m)Electronic Services: E-services, 1999-

Electronics Industry, History:
“A Century of Electricals, a Brief History of the Electrical Engineers, 1884-1984,” published by HP; brief summary from AeA; “Instrument Makers,”

Electronics Industry, Western:
“The Origins of the Electronics Industry on the Pacific Coast” by Arthur L. Norberg from Proceedings of the IEEE v.64#9 (September 1976);

See Also West Coast Electronic Manufacturers Association

Electronics Measurement Group [EMG]:
List of Innovations, 2006; Announcement of OSSG merging into EMG, 5/2006;

Electronics Leaders:
Electronic News profile of HP, 1972;

See Also “Instrument Makers”

Electronics Manufacturing Test:
2002 cartoon calendar

Emerging Business Program:
Investor’s Business Daily’s interview with Ken Coughran about the advice/help EBP offers startups;

Employee Badges:
Packard investigating 1942; Hewlett story about not having a green badge, circa 1957;

“Employee Communications Within HP, a Study”:
by Gordon Cubbison, 1961, topics include: organized informality, communications skills, employee survey, employee benefits communication, grapevine, employee publications, information hoarding, apathy, hp trademark symbol, appraisal interviews;

Employee Discount:
Employee Purchase Program; Peninsulan article, “HP-01 40 Percent Off to Employees,” July 1977; discounts on HP products for employees;

Employee Lists:
1953, 1955, 1956; also Dymec Employee List, 1959

Employee Orientation (Agilent):
new employee packet; memo indicates orientation session cancelled, online solution being developed;

Employee Questions & Suggestions:
beAgilent Pulse Polls, 2000-2001

Employee Stock Option Plans:
FY92, FY93
See Also Stock (HP), Employee Purchase Plan

Employee Stock Purchase Plans:
11/1/2000 prospectus;

See Also Stock (Agilent), Employee Purchase Plan

Employee Survey, 1992:
presentation summary touches on HP Way, organization, benefits, schedules;

Employee Survey, 2001:
quarterly online survey;

See Also Open Line
Employment Statistics
     See History, Employment

Engineering Productivity Task Force:
1982 ideas;

(m)Enterprise Computing Solutions Organization; ECSO, formed Oct. 19, 1998 combines Software Services Group, SSG, and Enterprise Systems Group, ESG and the new Enterprise Systems and Software Group, ESSG

Entrepreneurship at HP:
Don Hammond HP Labs, Hewlett and Packard, grit wheel (sweetheart technology);

See Also Creativity

Environment, 1970s:
Bruce Wholly letters and memos; carpooling, 1978; water conservation, 1978;

See Also Government Affairs

Environment, 1980s:
including Hazardous Waste Minimization, 1989; Prop 65, Feb. 19, 1988; HP’s Responsibility to the community [n.d.];

Environment, 1990s:
news release announces 62%cut in CFC usage; HP in consortium buying pre-1972 cars;

Environment, Buried Tanks:
underground storage, 1979-1982;

Environment, Earth Day:
1970; 1990s; 2003

Environment, Energy Efficiency:
includes flyer “have you got money to burn?”

Environment, Groundwater Contamination:
investigation near Hillview & Porter Drive in Palo Alto, 1988;

Environment, Public Relations:
HP factsheets (circa 1994) on hazardous waste reduction, CFC reduction, packaging, recycling, product stewardship; “Hazardous Waste Minimization,” HP 1989; “Commitment to the Environment” reports 1994 & 1995;

(m)Environment, recycling 1971-

Environment and Social Responsibility Report:
2000 report using international standard Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), (copyright 2001); 2002 Summary Report (copyright 2003;2007 Report

Environmental Health and Safety:
EH&S 1990 policy; news release “HP Shares Preliminary Findings of IBM Study on Clean-room Health Risks,” October 1992; press release: A.T. Completes ISO 14001 Certification for environmental, health and safety management system (EHSMS), 1/29/03; BeAgilent: 14001 certification marks environment milestone, 2/04/03;

Environmental Lab:
holiday carol to the tune of “The 12 Days of  Christmas,” Recreation, 1964;
(m)EON, HP purchases LAN, 1989

“Equal Opportunity at Hewlett-Packard”:
by William Hewlett, 1976

memo from Dean Morton, HP Ergonomics Risk Management, 1992; tipsheets; policy 1992; Product Design with People in Mind, 1984, mentions detached keyboards, human factors;     x Human Factors
(m)Ericsson [joint venture] for telecom network-management systems, Dec. 10, 1992

Europe, 1957-1999:
Hewlett-Packard European Operation Study, 1958; HP in Europe, 1982-1992; Geneva Site News from September 1994 includes a retrospective of 35 years of HP in Europe; HP in Europe statistics 1992 and historical highlights; letter from Hans-Joachim Kinderlen, Consulate of Germany on behalf of Bill Hewlett; various Measure articles;

See Also International Business;
See Also Intercontinental Operations

Europe, East Central:
Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine; employees in Geneva create Foundation for Romanian orphans, 1991;

See Also Communist Countries

European Tour:
Board of Directors’ Tour of European Facilities 1977, 1982

Europhysics Prize:
HP Europhysics Prize awarded by European Physical Society (EPS); list of winners, 1975-1994; first press, 9/74, from Josette Boulmier; various PRs announcing winners, Len Cutler as HP rep on committee;

Everest Project:
2000-2002 ERP project to streamline computer processes and improve customer service; FAQs; Everest Peaks newsletter announcing Oracle training, July 2001; beAgilent News article “SPG Operations Show What Project Everest Can Do”, 11/27/01; Everest Implementation Phases, 4/01/02;

Excella Initiative
     See beAgilent Transformation

Executive Committee Meetings, 1987 & 1989: 

Executive Compensation:
article on decline of electronics executive pay, 1986; 1975 list of top compensated executives; pay to Young & Morton for unused sick leave and FTO;

Executive Council Meetings, 1961:
10/61 Packard – corporate objectives, growth, product production and contribution

Executive Council Meetings, 1966:

Executive Council Meetings, 1967:

Executive Council Meetings, 1968:

Executive Council Meetings, 1969:

Executive Council Meetings, 1970:
includes solid state laboratory proposal for ion implantation and scanning electron microscopy and microprobe, silicon uses of semiconductor; security measures

Executive Council Meetings, 1971:

Executive Council Meetings, 1972:
includes discussion on standards; alcohol and drug policy; Hewlett letter on equal employment opportunity policy, affirmative action; political activity policy, pollution policy, HEART system, Doolittle report on Singapore and Malaysia operations, product safety program

Executive Council Meetings, 1973:
HP USSR accreditation announced

Executive Programs, 1987:
folder with descriptions of seminars, training for managers;

Executive Seminar, 1987:
spiral bound book contains presentations on: information management standards, data elements, business codes, communications networks, engineering productivity at HP (Parzybok), Integrated Business Systems (Chance), Information Networks (Roelandts), Manufacturing Productivity (Platt), Quality – The Competitive Advantage (Morton); includes speech “Information—Powerful Productivity Tool,” by John Young;

Executive Seminar, 1988:
similar to above, seminar attendees were from outside HP;

(m)Exeter, New Hampshire, Apollo, workstations
Expo ’88
     See World Expo ’88

Export Issues:
restrictions on computer exports;
See Also Government Affairs; Russia; Weapons
See Also 3COLL5 (Thomas Christiansen Collection)
F.L. Moseley Co.
See Moseley Co., F.L.

F – Subject File Guide

F&M Scientific Corp.(Avondale):
[Acquisition] 1965 press release announcing acquisition of Pennsylvania company; market studies, information on gas chromatography; speech by  Frank W. Martinez, Jr. presented at the AMA Briefing Session  on Planning and Creating New Products; includes very clear  history of F&M; case study on F&M advertising relationship with Analytical Chemistry (journal); “Memories and Milestones” book reflecting upon F&M and HP’s 25-year anniversary, historical account of the Aug. 9, 1965 acquisition
      See Also Avondale

F&M Scientific Corp. (Avondale), Guide:
Operational Planning Guide, 1964;

Fact Book, Agilent:
“Agilent Facts” for 2001 data;
See Also Agilent in Brief

Federal Trade Commission, Investigation, 1968:
of HP with regard to having a monopoly of the oscilloscope market

[acquisition] 5/16/73 news release, HP acquired Field Emission Corp.;
See Also van Bronkhorst’s files

Fiber Optic Technology Conference:
May 1990 training for HP employees, speakers included Bob Metcalfe and speakers from Canoga, Raychem, IBM, Corning, etc.;

(m)Field Engineer’s Guide to Competitive Selling;
Business Conduct Guidelines, June 1970; includes antitrust compliance, rules of competition (stresses “fair” and reliance on stressing HP’s abilities, capabilities and know-how), relationship with customers, ethics (stresses integrity and fairness), components proprietary parts. Precursor to Standards of Business Conduct

Field Operations (U.S.):
USFO white paper, 1991;
See Also Sales Regions

“Fifty Years of the Transistor: Beginning of Silicon Valley”:
paper by J. L. Moll for 1997 Symposium on VLSI Circuits Digest of Technical Papers, discusses birth of the Transistor, solid state, semiconductor history, Bell labs to Shockley Labs;

Financial History
See History, Financial
     See Also 1SRS7 (Financial Records)
See Also 1SRS1 (Publications – Annual Reports)

Financial, Earnings 2000- :

1986 annual report, in Finnish?

policy 1980, company cars

(m)Floating-Point Arithmetic

Fluke Corp.:
distribution alliance announced, April, 1997

Flying Demonstration Lab:
See Also Aviation

Flying Hospital:
Agilent Action Week, June 2000; in Nicaragua, boy’s eyesight saved from strabismus, 2000;
See Also Philanthropy Programs
See Also Computerworld Honors 21st Century Achievement

Foothill College, Electronics Museum:
Perham Foundation investment, 1963-1971; 1971 SJ Mercury article cites the Foothill Electronics Museum as first one devoted to history of elctronics and communication;

Foothill College, Sports Field:
1987, Recreation

Foothills Park:
n.d. flyers for election proposition to acquire land for Park, executive committee includes Cavier and Wilbur;
See Also Citizenship
(m)Fort Collins, Colorado; See Also Colorado

Fortune Magazine:
Fortune 500; Global 500; 100 Best Companies to Work For “Ranking Corporate Reputations”, 1983; first   article in which HP is mentioned, July 1962; for other  Fortune articles; also includes info re: 2001 ranking in  Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For;

See Also Awards & Achievements

Four Pi Systems Corp.
 [acquisition] company that manufactures printed circuit test systems to be acquired, news release 3/22/93;

Frazar & Hansen:
Distributors Discount sheet; laboratory instruments description sheet;

HP plans to site major facility near Grenoble, November 1970; Lyon Instrument Operation (LIO) will be established at L’Abeau, 4/10/91 Newsgram;
See Also Europe

Frequency and Time Division:
F&T formed 1961; Application note 52 Frequency and Time Standard, 1962;

Frontier Electronics Systems Corp (FES):
A.T. and Frontier Electronic Systems Corp. to Provide Custom Test Solutions for Aerospace/Defense Industry, 8/15/01;

G – File Subject Guide

Gefran Silicon Micro Systems, s.r.l.:
[acquisition] fiber optic technology lab acquired March 2001, from Italy-based GefranSpA;

     See HP Genechem
General Managers Meetings
     See Management Meeting

General Radio Company:
David Packard’s article on GenRad founder Melville Eastham including the idea of employee profit sharing principle (Common Ground, July 1983); licensing of GenRad 1937 oscillator patent;

The evolution of Agilent Genomics, timeline 1994- 2008

Geographic Operations:
GO reorganizes into Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific; Fast Facts 1996 profiles for all non-U.S. countries; “Hewlett-Packard Global Presence” a 1996 talk by Alan Bickell;

See Also Intercontinental Operations (Intercon)

(m)Germany, GmbH, brief history of HP in European community after the 1957 Treaty of Rome; letter from attorney Theodore Carlstrom to Dr. Hans-Joachim Kiderlin, German Consul in San Francisco.

xenophobia in Germany, 1992; 1962 Measure article, Boeblingen site from humble beginnings (frying pan story) to construction of second building;

See Also Europe
See Also International Business
See Also 3COLL28 (Nate Finch collection)

Germany, German Language Publications:

Ghostrider Robot Project, 2004
     Project Description; Scientist Bios; Agilent Press Release;

Global Corporations Series:
National Public Radio, 1990:
See Also Competitiveness

Global Market Pricing:
replaces HP’s historical pricing, based on factory base price plus mark-ups in each country, 1992;

Government Affairs, Issues, 1990 & 1991:
focus is on competitiveness issues related to regulation and public policy;

Government Affairs, Issues, 1993 & 1994:
Public Policy Issue Briefs;
(m)Government Affairs, K-12 education program; see Education
(m)Grenoble France, 1970s-1980s
(m)GTE alliance, 1992
(m)Guadalajara Mexico Computers Operation, 1982-88
(m)Guidelines for Handling, Confidential Information for CSO Employees, 1995; security, trade secrets

H – Subject File Guide

Ham Radio Operators:
(m)Hanover, 3000: corporate headquarters, plans, reports, meetings with Palo Alto City Council, Planning Commission, Architectural Review Board, Stanford Industrial Park, 1974-1978

Harmony Plotters:
“Your Harmony Plotters: Its Past & Its Future,” Watt’s Current Jan. 1951; history of this HP social organization; recreation, 1940s;
See Also Bowling
     See Also Sports
     See Personnel, Harassment Policy

Harrison Laboratories Inc.:
[Acquisition] 11/21/61 news release announces HP intent to acquire Berkeley Heights, NJ company that develops power supplies;

Harrison Laboratories Inc., Managerial Guidelines:
management principles of Bill Harrison, 1965, including Dave Packard Endorsement;

Harvard–Agilent Collaboration:
press release from June 1, 2001 discussing joint research project between Agilent and Harvard to develop breakthrough nanopore technology, “Threading a Needle with DNA”

Healthcare Solutions Group:
historical highlights of the group; “Healthcare Innovations for the Internet Age,” 2000 HSG brochure;

Healthcare Solutions Group, Divestiture:
Project Aurora Overview, 12/2000; news release announcing agreement to sell HSG to Royal Philips Electronics; info about Philips Medical System;
     See Also Acquisitions, Divestitures, Joint Ventures

“Hewlett-Packard, A 1975-1978 Review”:
Harvard Business School case study, c1980 by Roger M. Atherton and Dennis Crites;
(m)Hewlett-Packard, Aldus, Microsoft alliance, 1986
(m)Hewlett-Packard Japan, see Yokogawa
(m)Hewlett-Packard Work Experience Program, 1979
(m)Hewlett-Packard’s Company Store, catalog, 1989

contains several articles; also includes mystery notes possibly Alan Rush’s (?) (circa 1990s) complete with doodles discussing the history of the company, the outlook for the future, etc.; also includes historical highlights in timeline form; also includes “Hewlett-Packard, a Company History,” brochure circa late 70s;
See Also Electronics Industry, History
See Also Computer History, HP

See Also 3COLL9 (George Climo collection)

History, Chronological Highlights (Agilent):

History, Chronological Highlights (HP):
includes timelines;

History, Divisional Structure: Corporate Information Systems, History by Mel Kelm, circa 1980; Systems, Dymec; Data acquisitions systems, 2010; mini computers, Data Systems, Inc., 2116A; PAD, 9500; timeshare computer systems, 2000; Cupertino; Datamec, Mountain View Division; Data Products Group; Automatic Measurement Division, AMO, Sunnyvale; peripherals, Boise; Computer Systems Group; group structure;
See Also by division name (e.g. Stanford Park Division)

History, Employment Data:

History, Financial, 1939-1999: “Revenue Earnings Employees by Year”; Fortune 500, profit sharing, stock high, low, dividends, annual sales, earnings announcements, list of investments in subsidiaries, through 1981; fiscal year end October 31
See Also 1SRS3: News Releases

History, Financial, 1974:
contains San Jose Mercury News Progress article from January 1974 outlining HP’s “dramatic increase in sales, earnings”; Bill Hewlett column concerning 1974; press releases showing expansion and good news (mostly) in 1974 at HP (looks like it was pulled together for the 1975 Progress article); letter from Fred Dickey indicating strong need of a Progress edition to counteract “economic pessimism”;

History, Financial, 1999 – :
includes Alain Couder’s “Navigating a Tough Business Environment” coffee talk, Mar/April 2001;

History, Financial, FY2000:

History, Financial, FY2001:

History, Financial, FY2002:

History, Financial, FY2003:

History, Internal Articles:
Watt’s Current and Measure articles 1947-1971;
See Also Anniversary

History, Interview, Bill and Dave:
transcript of videotape series, 1980-81;

History, Publications, Annual Factsheets:
History, Regional
     See Silicon Valley

History, Reminiscences, John Minck:
products 200CD, 524A, 8551/851, 9100A, 150A, HP 35, Light-Emitting-Diodes, LEDs, HP 721A, HP 302A, HP 343A, HP 344A; HP 2116A; trade shows IEEE in New York; sales representatives; Tektronics and oscilloscope business; annual management meeting; Hewlett, Porter, Jevons, Lee, Mahurin; “Inside HP: A Narrative History of Hewlett-Packard from 1939-1990” by John Minck
xx Products, 150A: Oscilloscope

History, Summaries, Year by Year:
HP and world news highlights, 1939-1994;

History, The test of time,
reprint of Retrospective of HP’s first 50 years, by decade, from Measure magazine, March/April 1989

History, Theses and Papers:
“HP From Instrumentation to Computers: a Study of Strategy & Structure” by Egan and Hackley, 8/84; “HP: Study of the Early Years” by Brickner, 10/84; “HP: Problems of Rapid Growth,” by Atherton & Crites (Harvard case study), 1976?; Dean Morton’s speech on the company as leader for electronics industry with historical examples, 12/88;

History, Timelines:
Technology & Sociological Timeline, 12/6/00;
(m)Home Products Division HPD, March 1995

Hong Kong:
1997 drawer statement, HP will stay in Hong Kong; history of Schmidt companies (HP distributor?); Guenther Buchholz visit, 1978; Facts Sheet, 2/03;
See Also Asia Pacific

HP-Agilent Strategic Alliances:
between HP and Agilent

HP Associates:
solid state displays, optoelectronics, light emitting diodes (LEDs); 9/14/61 news release announces HP’s formation of new affiliate to engage in solid state research; “HP Solid State Device Background: First Decade” (incl. Comments by Barney Oliver);
See Also Componentas Group
See Also HP Labs
See Also Products, Light-Emitting Diodes
     See Also Semiconductor Products Group

HP Associates, Reports, 1961-1964:
year-end and mid-year reports;

HP-Compaq Merger:
articles, shareholders’ opposition; clippings; Walter Hewlett press release;

HP-Compaq Merger, Proxy/Prospectus:
dated February 4, 2002;

HP Genechem:
[joint venture] July 1983 jv between HP (Analytical Products Group) and Genentech; first product (2/85) is TiterCalc, bioassay software mounted on HP Integral personal computer;

“HP in Brief”:
19, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, [2/91] 1992, [3/93], 1994, 1995, 1996-1999; Welcome to HP, [n.d.];

HP in California Council:
a Government Affairs program, 1988;
(m)HP in Networking, AdvanceNet

HP in Perspective:
[presentations] 1976, 1984, 1987;

“HP in Perspective”:
[publication] #1-#5 (1966-1977);

“HP in the Media”:
annotated press coverage bibliography 1983;HP Journal: 10th anniversary 1959; reader opinion survey report, 1982; 1991 Barney Oliver letter in support of;

HP Labs, Anniversaries:
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first Scientific Review Board meeting, April 11-13, 1989 (transcript of audio tape); Labs history, purpose, structure, planning, Frank Carrubba;

HP Labs, Miscellaneous:
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See Also Affirmative Action, HP Labs Gender Study

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Materials Management, Production Management, 3000, 1981; “Just in Time Sales Training Manual” 1984
xx Just in Time [JIT]

HP Way:
See Also “Human Resources at Hewlett-Packard”;
See Also Managing Managers
     See Also Oral Histories (Ray Wilbur)

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includes “Management by Walking Around” article from American Machinist, Feb. 24, 1969; Measure article from 60s re: 25th anniversary; “HP in Perspective” brochure

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Dick’s 1983 presentation on HP Strategic Environment;

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endorsed by Dave Packard, 1982;
See Also “Human Resources at Hewlett-Packard”

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booklet in Japanese; article in Economic Daily, March 1993;

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includes Measure articles, Bill Hewlett letter from 1975; MBWA – management by wandering around; Lewis comments on Malone book proposal draft;
See Also Citizenship

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     See Latin America
(m)Human Factors, ergonomics; VDT in the office by Wanda Smith, 1985; Public Health and video display terminals, n.d.; Standard Keyboard Layout, July 20, 1982; International Human Factors Requirements, 1982; Human Factors Tactical Plan, 1985

Human Factors
See Ergonomics

Human Resources:
Employee Assistance Program: personal and family Counseling; includes brochure circa 2000 “Living Healthy, Working Well”;

Human Resources:
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
     See Stock (Agilent), Employee Purchase Plan
See Stock (HP), Employee Purchase Plan

Human Resources:
reduction measures.  See Personnel, Expense reduction measures

Human Resources, Training:
Communication, Commitment, Results (CCR) 2004; Global Learning and Leadership Development at Agilent, 2006
See Also Personnel before 1998

“Human Resources at Hewlett-Packard”:
Harvard Business School, case study, 1982, by Von Werssowetz & Beer; cover letter from Dave Packard to Dave Kirby states “This is a good summary of the HP Way”: Rogers & Beer 1995 update of 1982 study;
xx “Personnel Acquisition and Development”

Robert Asen reminiscence of sales meetings in 1950s-1960s; lunch the HP way (cafeteria menu), 1991; photo of analy spectrumyzer billboard; Dittojet
See Also Management Conference, Humor

Hupe & Busch:
[acquisition] German liquid chromatography company acquired 1973
(m)IBM, agreement, 1991; alliance; 1992

Hurricane Katrina:
Agilent Foundation 2005;

I – Subject File Guide

Idacom Electronics Ltd.:
[acquisition] Canadian telecommunications & network test company acquired 1990; merger management materials; Idacom Division newsletter; presentation called “Why Buy Vector?”‘

line printer business in new facility near Boise, 1973; includes Richard Hackborn reminiscences

[Tradeshow] new exhibit, built by Sanford Exhibits, trucked to New York, 1964; Minck reminiscence; exhibit brochure, IRE 1953; “Easy Street” at IRE brochure;

Import Marketing Group:

Imprint Lithography:
A Radically Different Way to Create Advanced Electronic Devices, in collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin [microlithography]; 9/01/00

Blue Star, distributor and HP venture partner; alliance with Tata Consulting, a software developer, announced 1995; tribute to Blue Star founder Mohan Advani, 1974; U.S. Government sanctions, 1998; BeAgilent: Agilent India celebrates two new beginnings (new A.T.Telecommunications Systems and Networking Laboratory at U. of Burdwan, and, Communications Solutions Group’s Advanced Networks Division R&D Center moves to new facility), 10/26/01; hpNOW – Historical look back at HP’s entry into India, 2006;


Industrial Design:
Information Assets
     See Trade Secrets
(m)Information Systems, history by Mel Kelm, circa 1980, see History, Divisions
(m)Informix [joint venture], alliance 1991
Initial Public Offering
     See Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering
     See Stock (HP)
(m)Inkjet Products Group, home imaging market 1995

Information Technology:  I.T., IT;
One IT transformation Computerworld Honors, 2002;IT function presentation on the transformation, Feb. 2004

memo from Jack Brigham about HP stock transactions, 1975;

Instrument History List, 1972:
(check with Archives assistant)

“[The] Instrument Makers”:
Jerry Borrell article in from Oct. 2001 Upside Magazine features HP, Ned Barnholt, Len Cutler, atomic clock, Varian, Hansen, Weindorf;

Instrument Product Group:
Ingredients for Long Term Competitiveness in Marketing, Bill Terry, 1982; 1983, Bill Terry letter to managers on managing, with attached reading material and IPG history; “It’s Catalog Time Again,” 1978;
(m)Integrated Circuit Dept., “As I.C. It” HP 1974, 1977, l985
(m)Integrated Circuit Business Division, ICBD

Integrated Systems Division:
ISD formed within Networked Systems Group, circa October 1991, formerly Advanced Manufacturing Systems Operation, AMSO;

development agreement to create PCI Express technology, 2003
(m)Intel, Technology agreement to develop chip set, April 1992; June 8 1994 alliance, joint R&D project to provide technologies for workstations and servers

Intercontinental Operations (Intercon):
Intercon issue of Measure (Nov. 1976); anniversary dates and histories, 1984;
See Also Geographic Operations (after 1993)
See Also International Business
     See Also Marketing, International

preliminary program from 1989 HP Users Group conference;

International Business:
Dave Kirby interview with Bill Doolittle, 1969; “The Origin and Growth of HP’s International Manufacturing and Development Activities,” paper written in 1970; Carlstrom letter to Consulate of Federal Republic of Germany about Hewlett’s initial efforts to locate HP in Europe, 1986; Hewlett talk at Stanford, 1960; History of HP Abroad, 1954-1972, written by Thomas A. Christiansen; List of HP International Organizations, 1958-1972, also by Christiansen; international (HPSA) issue of Measure, Aug/Sep 1974; international business and competitiveness – a letter from John Young to Philip Gordon, HP Boise, outlining global business and corporate objectives, 1985; Europe, Asia, Latin America; Charts, graphs 1955-1980, From Dick Alberding’s office; brain drain to US articles; “Going Global, HP’s 34 Year Journey,” 1993 address by Lee Ting; 1969 annual report features international growth in operations & sales; Offshoring, position paper 2004
See Also Geographic Operations (after 1993)
See Also Intercontinental Operations (Intercon)

International Business, Case Studies:
Gregory Young study of HP, Varian and Ampex, “Case Study of Three U.S. Based Electronic Firms Operating in Europe,” University of California Graduate School of Business, 1968; S. Prakash Sethi, “Hewlett-Packard Company U.S.A.,” UC Berkeley, 1968-1970;

International Business, Packard:
“Comments on Conduct” by David Packard, 1976

“International Expansion: A Case Study”:
by William R. Hewlett, circa 1970
International Marketing
     See Marketing, International

International Policy:
1981 Manual; travel policy; pricing policies, ca.1968;
(m)International Public Affairs, “Fast Facts – Asia Pacific, Latin America, Canada,” country profiles, 1993; Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela

International Sales & Service Directories:
1987 IS&S Directory; International Offices 1967, 1970, 1987, 1988; “Where in the World Are We?” 1972;
(m)International Tax Policy

HP Internet Solutions Program, ca.1995; articles relating to HP and the internet, including Bob Walker’s CIO magazine cover quote; also Access HP, CommerceNet, Information Highway, intranets, e-mail;
See Also Oracle
See Also Electronic Mail

Internet Technology Group:
ITG forms, 1996;
     See Web Site (Agilent), Internal

“Introduction To Management”:
1981 new supervisor training course material includes a part on the HP Way;

Inventory Control and Management:
May 15, 1987 article from Electronic Business “Lew Platt: Fine Tuning HP’s Manufacturing Strategy”;
x Just in Time
See Also Manufacturing, Scheduling & Planning
     See Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering

war, 1991; trade issues; war, 1993; drawer statement on Huawei Technologies Situation; war, 2003
     See IEEE/IRE [tradeshow]

facts sheet, 3/03

Iris Technologies:
co-marketing agreement re: ChromSword Auto software with Agilent 1100 Series HPLC systems and Agilent ChemStation software
(m)ISG 1995 Vision Video technology summary, video produced in 1989; see also videotape and photograph collection SRS1P

HP Labs, MARS subsidiary CMS (Computing and Measurement Systems) acquired, 1998; also information on Electronics and Engineering Division of Motorola Israel as it relates to HP;
IT:  See Information Technology

European Technology Transfer center established in Milan, 1988;

J – Subject File Guide

J&W Scientific:
[acquisition] 3/29/2000 merger agreement; capillary gas chromatography (GC) columns and consumables, Folsom, California

earthquakes, Jan.1995; also Watt’s Current from June 1961; HP’s Experience in Negotiating and Operating a Joint Manufacturing & Marketing Venue in Japan,” Karl Schwarz, 1988;
See Also Yokogawa-HP

Japan Management Association:
Marketing Excellence Prize, American Top 15 Companies, 1984
(m)Japan Marketing 1970, See Also Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard

“Jewels of Knowledge on Product Management”:
Corporate Engineering, 1990

Joint Analytical Systems GmbH:
licensing agreement for atomic emissions detector, 2002;

Joint Venture Silicon Valley:
1992 & 1993 reports; “Smart Valley, an Electronic Community”; Net Day ’96; Blueprint for 21st Centurey Community; Economy at Risk;
Joint Ventures
     See Strategic Alliances

JOT Automation:
[Joint Venture] partnership with JOT formed 1998;
(m)Julie Research Labs, controversy, 1981-82
Just in Time [JIT]
See Inventory Control & Management
     See Also HP Manufacturing Systems