1973 – HP Journal Index

January 1973 v.24 v.5

Cover: The new HP 3000 Computer System

An Economical Full-Scale Multipurpose Computer System. This is the first 16-bit computer system to have a hardware stack architecture and virtual memory. It handles time-sharing, batch processing, and real-time operations in several languages concurrently, by Bert E. Forbes, Michael D. Green, pg 2-6. 3000.

A Computer for All Reasons, pg 7. 3000.

[Authors:] Bert E. Forbes, Michael [Mike] E. Green, pg 8

Central Bus Links Modular HP 3000 Hardware. Sharing the bus can be one or more CPU’s, I/O processors, memory modules, high-speed I/O channels and special devices. The microprogrammed CPU’s have a procedure-oriented stack architecture, by Jamshid Basiji, Arndt B. Bergh, pg 9-14

[Authors:] Jamshid [Jim] Basiji, Arndt [Arne] B. Bergh, pg 14

Software for a Multilingual Computer. SPL is a high-level language that produces code that’s as efficient as other systems’ assembly-language code. Other 3000 languages are FORTRAN, BASIC and COBOL, by William E. Foster, pg 15-19

[Author:] William [Bill] E. Foster, pg 19

Single Operating System Serves all HP 3000 Users. The Multiprogramming Executive operating system takes care of command interpretation, file management, memory management, scheduling and dispatching, and input/output management for time-sharing, batch and real-time users, by Thomas A. Blease, Alan Hewer, pg 20-24

[Authors:] Thomas [Tom] A. Blease, Alan Hewer, pg 24

February 1973  v.24 n.6

Cover: HP’s new Model 8640A/B 0.45-550 MHz Signal Generator

A Solid State VHF Signal Generator for Today’s Exacting Requirements. The spectral purity of a vacuum-tube oscillator and the freedom from aging effects characteristic of solid-state oscillators are combined in a new 450 kHz-550 MHz signal generator.  High-quality FM and AM capabilities are included, too, in addition to CW, by Michael S. Marzalek, Larry C. Sanders, Kenneth L. Astrof, Raymond M. Shannon, pg 2-13 8640A, 8640B.

Signal Generators and Radio Receiver Measurements, pg 3

[Authors:] Kenneth [Ken] L. Astrof, Larry C. Sanders, Michael [Mike] S. Marzalek, Raymond [Ray] M. Shannon, pg 13

Computer-Aided Design of Modular Power Supplies. A universal circuit and a computer program – these make it possible to obtain fixed-voltage, modular power supplies in a wide range of output ratings at low cost, but with laboratory-grade performance and reliable operation assured, by Willis C. Pierce, Jr., James S. Gallo, William T. Walker, pg 14-20. 62000.

[Authors:] James [Jim] S. Gallo, William [Bill] T. Walker, Willis [Bill] C. Pierce, pg 20

March 1973 v.24 n.7

Cover: HP Model 5700A Gas Chromatograph

High Performance Flame-Ionization Detector System for Gas Chromatography. A new electrometer circuit plus improvements in mechanical design bring a higher level of performance to a widely-used technique for chemical analysis, by Douglas H. Smith, pg 2-10. 5700A.

Gas Chromatography, pg 4-5

The 5700A-series Gas Chromatographs, pg 8

[Author:] Douglas [Doug] A. Smith, pg 10

Synthesized Signal Generation to 1.3 GHz. Because they maintain quartz-crystal stability at all frequencies over a wide range, frequency synthesizers find growing use in testing procedures. With the system described here, synthesizer applications can now extend well into the UHF range, by Bradley Stribling, Young Dae Kim, Roland Hassun, Dieter Scherer, Melvin Humpherys, Charles Cook, pg 11-19. 86602A.

A 0.1 to 1300 GHz Amplifier, pg 15

[Authors:] Dieter Scherer, Young Dae Kim, Charles W. Cook, Melvin [Dee] D. Humpherys, Bradley [Brad] C. Stribling, Roland [Rolly] Hassun, pg 19

A Greater Range of Capabilities for the Compact, Plug-on Digital Multimeter. Higher sensitivity for voltage and resistance measurements, 5-digit resolution and a new “set range” concept are given the inexpensive 3470 Measurement System by new plug-on modules, by Arthur Dumont, Stephen Venzke, Reid Gardner, pg 20-24. 3470, 34703A, 34740A, 34750A.

[Authors:] Arthur [Art] J. Dumont, Stephen [Steve] B. Venzke, Reid J. Gardner, pg 24

April 1973 v.24 n.8

Cover: Behind the type N connector on the front panel of Model 5340A Frequency Counter is the assembly shown here: a power splitter followed by two wide-band thin-film hybrid samplers and other elements of two phase-locked loops

A High-Performance Automatic Microwave Counter. This new counter needs only a single input to measure 10Hz to 18 GHz, and its sensitivity is many times better than previous counters. It’s also systems compatible, by Richard F. Schneider, pg 2-9. 5340A.

[Author:] Richard [Dick] F. Schneider, pg 8

A dc-to-20-GHz Thin-film Signal Sampler for Microwave Instrumentation. This rugged, miniature, wideband sampler is responsible for many of the advanced capabilities of the new Model 5340A Microwave Counter, by Jerry Merkelo, pg 10-13

[Author:] Jerry Merkelo, pg 13

Automating the Calibration Laboratory.  This new family of systems, combining standard and specially developed hardware and software, greatly reduces instrument calibration times without sacrificing precision or thoroughness, by John L. Minck, E. Robert Aikin, pg 14-24. 9550.

Some Definitions for Calibration Laboratory Work, pg 17

Novel Procedures Speed Automatic Calibrations, pg 18-19

Observations from an Operating System, pg 23

[Authors:] John L. Minck, E. Robert [Bob] Aikin, pg 23

May 1973 v.24 n.9

Cover: Ray Hutchinson at the Pacific Stock Exchange holding a HP-80 Business Pocket Calculator

A Pocket-Sized Answer Machine for Business and Finance. This new nine-ounce, battery-powered calculator replaces most commonly used financial tables, such as compound interest, annuities and bonds. It’s also a 200-year calendar, by William L. Crowley, France Rode, pg 2-9. HP-80.

[Authors:] France Rode, William [Bill] L. Crowley, pg 9

Laboratory Notebook: Thick Films Widen Attenuator Response, by Thomas Zamborelli, pg 9

A More Rugged, Cleaner Writing Oscillographic Ink Recorder. This new oscillographic recording system features a reliable low-pressure ink system, instant-dry near-black ink, plug-in versatility and a rugged, serviceable design, by Lawrence Brunetti, pg 10-17. 7402A.

Single-Channel 100-mm-Wide Recording, pg 14

Appendix: Dynamic Writing System Analysis, pg 15-16

[Author:] Lawrence [Larry] Brunetti, pg 17

A Quiet, Low-Cost, High-Speed Line Printer. This thermal printer writes 80 column lines at 250 lines per minute. Developed primarily for the 9830A Calculator, it’s a general-purpose printer that’s easily interfaced to a variety of controllers, by Dick B. Barney, James R. Drehle, pg 18-24. 9866A.

The Thermal Printhead Story, pg 23. 9866A.

[Authors:] Dick B. Barney, James [Jim] R. Drehle, pg 24

June 1973 v.24 n.10

Cover: The tweezers hold a new monolithic silicon-on-glass diode quad

Schottky-Barrier Diodes Structured for Better High-Frequency Performance. Connecting discrete components into thin-film hybrid circuits becomes increasingly difficult as the demand for higher frequencies gives rise to smaller components. Described here is a way of fabricating diodes to gain high frequency performance without imposing severe mechanical limitations, by Raymond A. Morris, Jack H. Lepoff, pg 2-6. 5082-2709, -2716, -2768, -2769.

[Authors:] Jack H. Lepoff, Raymond [Ray] A. Morris, pg 6

DMM and DAC Modules Expand Low-Cost Measuring System. A five-digit multimeter/counter module and a three-digit digital-to-analog converter module are new members of the 5300 Measuring System joining the mainframe, battery pack, and four timer/counter modules previously available, by Lewis W. Master, James F. Horner, P. Thomas Mingle, pg 7-15. 5306A.

Which Multimeter? pg 9 5306A, 3470.

A Compact, Three-Digit Digital-to-Analog Converter Module, pg 11-12

Appendix: 5306A Noise Rejection Characteristics, pg 14

[Authors:] James [Jim] F. Horner, Lewis [Lew] W. Masters, P. Thomas [Tom] Mingle, pg 15

Laser/Calculator System Improves Encoder Plate Measurements. This in-house system is a good example of what the right combination of instruments and calculator can do for measurements. Developed for acceptance testing of the optical position-encoder plates used in HP moving-head disc drives, its speed and accuracy have helped improve yields from the original 20% to the present 90%, by Glenn O. Herreman, pg 16-18. 9820A, 5526A.

Calculator with Metrology Programs Now a Laser Option, pg 18. 9820A.

[Author:] Glenn O. Herreman, pg 18

Instrument Basics Without Pain. Engineers and non-engineers in science and technology have one thing in common: they need to understand electronic instruments. Hewlett-Packard’s Clyde Coombs has assembled a book that answers the need, by Ross Snyder, pg 19-20. Basic Electronic Instrument Handbook.

July 1973 v.24 n.11

Cover: The monochromator assembly, crystal disperser, electron lens and detector assembly from Model 5950A ESCA Spectrometer

A Second-Generation ESCA Spectrometer. Monochromatized x-rays, a dispersion compensated electron optical system and an improved detection system enhance the sensitivity and resolution of a powerful analytical technique – Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis, by Michael A. Kelly, Charles E. Tyler, pg 2-14. 5950A.

Electronic Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis, pg 5-6

The Charging Effect, pg 10. 5950A.

[Authors:] Charles [Check] E. Tyler, Michael [Mike] A. Kelly, pg 14

Compact Function Generator with Enhanced Capability/Cost Ratio. A no-frills design plus a computer’s help in verifying zero production defects brings the cost of this handy instrument down without sacrificing quality, by E. Harry Heflin, pg 15-20. 3311A.

Low-Cost Function Generator Circuits, pg 18-19

[Author:] E. Harry Heflin, pg 20

August 1973 v.24 v.12

Cover: The HP 9540 Transceiver Test System helps assure reliability by improving quality control, and lowers test costs, too

Automated Transceiver Testing. A new computerized system is dedicated to production and maintenance testing of mobile transmitters, receivers, and transceivers in the communication bands from 10 MHz to 1000 MHz. Tests conform to EIA standards and include AM, FM, audio, and power tests, by Dimitry A. Bobroff, pg 2-7. 9540.

Shielding and Grounding, pg 6

[Author:] Dimitry [Jim] A. Bobroff, pg 7

Signal Processing Techniques for Automatic Transceiver Testing. Here’s how the 9540 System test transceivers to EIA standards using only a voltmeter and a counter, by Robert G. Huenemann, pg 8-13

Sample Timing Considerations, pg 11-12. 9540.

[Author:] Robert [Bob] G. Huenemann, pg 13

Digitally-Controlled Current Sources for New Ways of Making Automatic Measurements. Using a digitally-controlled current source as the stimulus in automatic test systems simplifies some measurements, improves others, and makes some easy that would be hard to do any other way, by Rene Peerboom, pg 14-20. 6140A, 6145A.

[Author:] Rene Peerboom, pg 19

September 1973 v.25 n.1 [back covers reads v.2 n.1]

Cover: Model 3580A Spectrum Analyzer

A Low-Frequency Spectrum Analyzer that Makes Slow Sweeps Practical. Tuning through a 5Hz-to-50kHz range with a one-hertz bandwidth must be done slowly. This new spectrum analyzer speeds up the process while bringing a number of other conveniences to this class of instrument, by William L. Hale, Gerald E. Weibel, pg 2-13. 3580A.

Precision Discriminator, pg 7

Permanent Waveform Storage, pg 9

Peak-Detecting Analog-to-Digital Converter, pg 10

Adapting a Sweep, pg 12-13

Optimum Sweep Rate, pg 12

[Authors:] Gerald [Jerry] E. Weibel, William [Bill] L. Hale, pg 13

A High-Performance Beam Tube for Cesium Beam Frequency Standards. The benefits are significant improvements in accuracy, short-term stability, settability, and sensitivity to external dc magnetic fields, by Ronald C. Hyatt, Louis F. Mueller, Terry N. Osterdock, pg 14-24. 5061A.

Appendix: Short Term Stability, pg 23

[Authors:] Ronald [Ron] C. Hyatt, Terry N. Osterdock, Louis [Lou] F. Mueller, pg 23

October 1973 v.25 n.2

Cover: Model 5000A Logic Analyzer’s two rows of 32 red light-emitting diodes display digital data occurring at the A and B inputs

The Logic Analyzer: A New Instrument for Observing Logic Signals. Designed specifically to solve digital design and troubleshooting problems, this new instrument provides a digital display with storage, positive and negative digital delay, combinatorial triggering and digital sequence comparison, by Mark Baker, Howard D. Marshall, Robin Adler, pg 2-16. 5000A.

Logic Analyzer Applications in Digital System Waveform Measurements, pg 5-6

Everyday Uses, pg 6

The IC Troubleshooters, pg 12

Stapled within the October 1973 issue: Hewlett-Packard Journal Index: Volumes 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 – September 1968 through August 1973. PART I: Chronological Index pg 2-5. Part II: Subject Index  pg 6-12. Part III: Model Number Index, pg 13-16 (pages noted here are pages in the index, not in the journal).

[Authors:] Howard D. Marshall, Mark Baker, Robin Adler, pg 15

A Pulse Generator for Today’s Digital Circuits. This new dual-output Pulse Generator produces 16V pulses at high repetition rates and with as much as 16V offset. A new control arrangement makes pulse set-up much simpler, by Horst Link, Reinhard Falke, pg 17-24. 8015A.

[Authors:] Reinhard Falke, Horst Link, pg 24

November 1973 v.25 n.3

Cover: A hand-held digital multimeter has finally become reality

A Self-Contained, Hand-Held Digital Multimeter – A New Concept in Instrument Utility. Aside from clipping the coiled lead to any convenient reference point, only one hand is needed to hold this instrument and take a reading, by Robert L. Dudley, Virgil L. Laing, pg 2-9. 970A.

[Authors:] Virgil L. Laing, Robert [Bob] L. Dudley, pg 9

A Portable High-Resolution Counter for Low-Frequency Measurements. This snap-on functional module for the low-cost 5300 Measuring System makes six-digit measurements of frequencies between 0.833 Hz and 2 MHz. Special features help solve many low-frequency measurement problems, by Kenneth J. MacLeod, pg 10-15. 5307A.

Operation of the digital Programmable Frequency Generator, pg 14

[Author:] Kenneth [Ken] J. MacLeod, pg 15

A High-Speed Pattern Generator and an Error Detector for Testing Digital Systems. The rate at which errors occur in transferring digits through systems operating at bit rates as high as 150 M bits/s can be determined by a new Error Detector working with a new Data Generator, by James Robertson, John Stinson, Thomas Crawford, Ivan Young, pg 16-24. 3760A.

[Authors:] John Stinson, Thomas [Tom] Crawford, James Robertson, Ivan Young, pg 23

December 1973 v.25 n.4

Cover: The new Model 7155A Portable Strip-Chart Recorder

A Go-Anywhere Strip-Chart Recorder that Has Laboratory Accuracy. This rugged, portable recorder is designed to operate in the laboratory, in a moving vehicle or aircraft, in the desert, in freezing temperatures, on battery power or ac of various frequencies, even upside down, always within its laboratory specifications, by Rick A. Warp, Howard L. Merrill, pg 2-8. 7155A.

[Authors:] Rick A. Warp, Howard L. Merrill, pg 8

Telecommunication Cable Fault Location from the Test Desk. This new fault locator automates Wheatstone-bridge methods that have fallen into disuse because they are too cumbersome. The results is fast, easy fault location and better telephone service, by Thomas R. Graham, James M. Hood, pg 9-14. 4913A.

[Authors:] Thomas [Tom] R. Grahma, James [Jim] M. Hood, pg 14

High-Efficiency Modular Power Supplies Using Switching Regulators. The switching regulators’ advantages of smaller size and cooler operation used to be counterbalanced by higher cost, slower transient response and noise, both electrical and acoustical. These new power supplies reduce the disparity significantly, by B. William Dudley, Robert D. Peck, pg 15-20. 62604J-62628J.

[Authors:] B. William [Bill] Dudley, Robert [Bob] D. Peck, pg 20