1977 – HP Journal Index

January 1977 v.28 n.5

Cover: A fetal monitor and a logic state analyzer for digital electronics

A Logic State Analyzer for Microprocessor Systems. A new logic state analyzer for debugging systems that use popular microprocessors has broadly expanded triggering capabilities plus keyboard control and mnemonic display that help solve problems more efficiently, by Jeffrey H. Smith, pg 2-11. 1611A.

[Author:] Jeffrey [Jeff] H. Smith, pg 11

Firmware for a Microprocessor Analyzer. By replacing hardware with firmware, the instrument designer can increase operator convenience and present data in a more meaningful form without increasing circuit complexity. Here is how this capability was applied to a logic state analyzer, by Thomas A. Saponas, pg 12-15. 1611A.

[Author:] Thomas [Tom] A. Saponas, pg 15

A Versatile, Semiautomatic Fetal Monitor for Non-Technical Users. A new monitoring instrument detects the heart beat of an unborn child by any one of four techniques. It does not required technically trained people to operate it, so the benefits of fetal monitoring now become available to a wider range of hospitals, by Heinz Sommer, Walter Ruchay, Peter Salfeld, Erich Courtin, pg 16-24. 8030A.

Fetal Monitoring – Towards Improved Management of Pregnancy and Delivery, pg 17

A Peak Pulse Detector, by Heinz Sommer, pg 19

An Elemental Cardiotocograph, pg 23

[Authors:] Erich Courtin, Heinz Sommer, Peter Salfeld, Walter Ruchay, pg 23

February 1977 v.28 n.6

Cover: Voltmeters

A Fast-Reading, High-Resolution Voltmeter that Calibrates Itself Automatically. Although it has 1-mV resolution and integrating capability – useful for high-accuracy measurements on the lab bench – this new voltmeter makes 24 readings/second working on the HP interface bus – a boon for systems users. Real-time autocalibration and the ability to perform calculations on its own readings contribute to its versatility, by Albert Gookin, pg 2-10. 3455A.

A Low-Cost, Programmable Data Logger, pg 4

A Faster Integrating Analog-to-Digital Converter, pg 9

[Author:] Albert [Al] Gookin, pg 10

A High-Speed System Voltmeter for Time-Related Measurements. Waveform characteristics as well as dc levels can be determined by this fast sample-and-hold voltmeter when teamed with a calculator or computer. Optimized for systems use, it has a programmable trigger delay that gives it unusual capabilities, by John E. McDermid, Joseph M. Gorin, James B. Vyduna, pg 11-19. 3437A.

A Programmable Data Acquisition System that also Analyzes, pg 14

[Authors:] John E. McDermid, James [Jim] B. Vyduna, Joseph [Joe] M. Gorin, pg 19

Contemporary Design Practice in General-Purpose Digital Multimeters. With lower cost and smaller size, digital multimeters are now found in a very broad range of applications. New approaches to design are required to meet the demands posed by this universality, by Roy D. Barker, Virgil L. Laing, Joe E. Marriott, H. Mac Juneau, pg 20-28. 3476A/B, 3435A.

An Economical 3 ½ -Digit Multimeter, pg 21. 3476A.

A Precision 3 ½ Digit Multimeter, pg 23. 3435A.

Extending the Ranges of a Digital Multimeter, pg 25

1-mV Resolution in a Low-Cost 4 ½ Digit Multimeter, pg 26. 3465A/B.

[Authors:] Roy D. Barker, Virgil L. Laing, pg 26

[Authors:] Joe E. Marriott, H. Mac Juneau, pg 27

March 1977 v.28 n.7

Cover: New HP 1000 Computer System

A New Series of Small Computer Systems. HP 1000 Systems are designed for high-performance applications in computation, instrumentation and operations management, by Lee Johnson, pg 2-6. Model 30/31, Model 80/81.

HP 1000 Computer System Applications, pg 5

[Author:] Lee Johnson, pg 6

HP 1000 Operating System is Enhanced Real-Time Executive. New RTE-II and RTE-III software provides for on-line system generation and switching, disc cartridge backup, disc and mini-cartridge distribution of software, new system string communication, and improved I/O error management, by Kathleen F. Hahn, David L. Snow, pg 7-14. 92001B, 92060B.

[Authors:] Kathleen [Kathy] F. Hahn, David [Dave] L. Snow, pg 14

Development and Application of Microprograms in a Real-Time Environment, by Harris Dean Drake, pg 15-17. 92061A.

[Author:] Harris [Dean] Dean Drake, pg 17

E-Series Doubles 21MX Performance. Faster logic, improvements to the architecture and firmware, and new microprogrammed features greatly increase performance without significantly increasing cost, by Cleaborn C. Riggins, pg 18-19. 21MX.

[Author:] Cleaborn C. Riggins, pg 19

How the E-Series Performance Was Attained, by Scott J. Stallard, pg 20-23. 21MX.

[Author:] Scott J. Stallard, pg 23

Microprogrammed Features of the 21MX E-Series, by Thomas A. Lane, pg 24-27

[Author:] Thomas [Tom] A. Lane, pg 27

OPNODE: Interactive Linear Circuit Design and Optimization. OPNODE is a powerful software package for computer-aided circuit design with an interactive graphics console in a minicomputer environment, by William A. Rytand, pg 28-31

[Author:] William [Bill] A. Rytland, pg 31

Viewpoints: John Moll on HP’s Integrated Circuit Technology, pg 32 (continued on page 17)

April 1977 v.28 n.8

Cover: HP’s new silicon-on-sapphire micro-CPU chip, MC2

Silicon-On-Sapphire Technology Produces High-Speed Single-Chip Processor. This new integrated-circuit processor is a static CMOS/SOS 16-bit parallel device. Its architecture is optimized for controller applications. Instruction execution times are 0.5 to 1.5 microseconds at an 8-MHz clock rate, by Bert E. Forbes, pg 2-8. MC2.

CMOS/SOS, by David Farrington, pg 5

[Authors:] Bert E. Forbes, David Farrington, pg 8

Miniature Oscilloscope Probes for Measurements in Crowded Circuits. Resistive-divider probes only 2.4 mm (0.1) inch in diameter can access test points in densely populated circuits without shorting to adjacent leads. Grounding options preserve fast rise times, by Carolyn M. Finch, Marvin F. Estes, Lawrence A. Gammill, pg 9-12. 10017A, 10018A, 10040A, 10041A, 10042A, 10021A, 10022A, 10026A, 10027A.

[Authors:] Marvin [Marv] F. Estes, Lawrence [Larry] A. Gammill, Carolyn M. Finch, pg 12

A Small, Solid-State Alphanumeric Display. Serial loading and on-board storage of data on this dot-matrix display reduces the cost and complexity of supporting circuitry substantially. The 5 x 7 array of LEDs gives full alphanumeric capability (upper and lower case letters, numerals, special symbols), by Peter B. Ashkin, Jack L. Hines, John T. Uebbing, pg 13-20. HDSP-2000.

Generating Characters on a Dot-Matrix Display, pg 16-17

A Highly Tolerant Shift-Register Flip-Flop, pg 19

[Authors:] John J. Uebbing, Peter B. Ashkin, Jack L. Hines, pg 20

May 1977 v.28 n.9

Cover: 5004A Signature Analyzer, a troubleshooting tool for field repair of digital systems

Signature Analysis: A New Digital Field Service Method. In a digital instrument designed for troubleshooting by signature analysis, this method can find the components responsible for well over 99% of all failures, even intermittent ones, without removing circuit boards from the instrument, by Robert A. Frohwerk, pg 2-8. 5004A.

[Author:] Robert [Bob] A. Frohwerk, pg 8

Easy-to-Use Signature Analyzer Accurately Troubleshoots Complex Logic Circuits. It’s a new tool for field troubleshooting of logic circuits to the component level, by Anthony Y. Chan, pg 9-14. 5004A.

[Author:] Anthony [Tony] Y. Chan, pg 14

Signature Analysis – Concepts, Examples, and Guidelines. Guidelines for the designer are developed based on experience in attempting to retrofit existing products for signature analysis and the successful application of signature analysis in a new voltmeter, by Hans J. Nadig, pg 15-21

Designer Guidelines for Applying Signature Analysis to Microprocessor-Based Products, pg 18

[Author:] Hans J. Nadig, pg 21

Personal Calculator Algorithms I: Square Roots. A detailed description of the algorithm used in HP hand-held calculators to computer square roots, by William E. Egbert, pg 22-24

[Author:] William [Bill] E. Egbert, pg 24

June 1977 v.28 n.10

Cover: Technical developments described in this issue occupy widely spaced positions in the frequency spectrum (symbolized here by the visible spectrum) – at the low, low end, a dc power supply and power supply programmer, and at the high end, coaxial microwave accessories. But most of these devices share one common characteristic: they can be equipped to work on the HP interface bus.

A Wide-Ranging Power Supply of Compact Dimensions. Its output ranging from 0 to 50 volts and 0 to 10 amperes, this 200W, series-regulated, laboratory power supply spans a range that would normally require three power supplies and it can be programmed by way of the HP interface bus, by William T. Walker, John W. Hyde, Paul W. Bailey, pg 2-9. 6002A.

Remote Programming of Power Supplies Through the HP Interface Bus, by Kent Luehman, Emery Salesky, pg 6-7

[Author:] Paul W. Bailey, pg 8

[Authors:] John W. Hyde, Emery Salesky, Kent Lushman, William [Bill] T. Walker, pg 9

Coaxial Components and Accessories for Broadband Operation to 26.5 GHz. The new APC-3.5 coaxial connector makes it possible to design detectors, attenuators, sliding loads, and switches for broadband operation to 26.5 GHz, by Ronald E. Pratt, Donald R. Chambers, George R. Kirkpatrick, pg 10-16. 8473C, 33330C, 8495D/K, 33321D/K, 911C, 33311C.

[Authors:] George [Bob] R. Kirkpatrick, Ronald [Ron] E. Pratt, Donald [Don] R. Chambers, pg 15

Personal Calculator Algorithms II: Trigonometric Functions. A detailed explanation of the algorithms used by HP hand-held calculators to compute sine, cosine, and tangent, by William E. Egbert, pg 17-20

[Author:] William [Bill] Egbert, pg 20

July 1977 v.28 n.11

Cover: Model 2641 APL Display Station

Small Computer System Supports Large-Scale Multi-User APL. Powerful, interactive APL is now available for the multi-lingual HP 3000 Series II Computer System, by Kenneth A. Van Bree, pg 2-5. A Programming Language. APL\3000, 32105A, 2641A.

[Author:] Kenneth [Ken] A. Van Bree, pg 4

Introduction to APL, pg 4-5

APL Data: Virtual Workspaces and Shared Storage, by Grant J. Munsey, pg 6-10

See Also: Corrections: Figures 2 & 3 on pages 9-10 in “APL Data: Virtual Workspaces and Shared Storage”, are interchanged; a clarification of functions on pages 14 and 19 in the same article, page 22 in the August 1977 issue

[Author:] Grant J. Munsey, pg 10

APLGOL: Structured Programming Facilities for APL, by Ronald L. Johnston, pg 11-13

[Author:] Ronald [Ron] L. Johnston, pg 13

APL/3000 Summary, pg 14-16

A Dynamic Incremental Compiler for an Interpretive Language, by Eric J. Van Dyke, pg 17-23. APL.

A Controller for the Dynamic Compiler, by Kenneth A. Van Bree, pg 21

[Author:] Eric J. Van Dyke, pg 23

Extended Control Functions for Interactive Debugging, by Kenneth A. Van Bree, pg 23-24

CRT Terminal Provides both APL and ASCII Operation, by Warren W. Leong, pg 25-28. 2641A.

[Author:] Warren W. Leong, pg 28.

August 1977 v.28 n.12

Cover: Model 7920A Disc Drive which consists of two protect discs and three data discs and holds 50 megabytes of data

New 50-Megabyte Disc Drive: High Performance and Reliability from High-Technology Design. Achieving its high performance and large storage capacity required sophisticated design methods and tested the known limits of some manufacturing processes, by Herbert P. Stickel, pg 2-15. 7920A.

Head Alignment Disc Pack, by James Hood, pg 9

A Mechanical Vibrations Analogy for Servo System Design, by Joel Harrison, Lynn Weber, pg 13-14

[Author:] Herbert [Herb] P. Stickel, pg 15

An Individualized Pulse/Word Generator System for Subnanosecond Testing. A high-speed pulse/word generator is constructed in modular form so it can be configured according to specific testing requirements, by Volker Eberle, Christian Hentschel, Gunter Riebesell, Joel Zellmer, pg 16-24. 8080A, 8092A, 8084A.

[Authors:] Volker Eberle, Christian Hentschel, pg 22

Corrections: Figures 2 & 3 on pages 9-10 in “APL Data: Virtual Workspaces and Shared Storage”,  page 6 in the July 1977 issue, are interchanged; a clarification of functions on pages 14 and 19 in the same article, pg 22

[Authors:] Gunter Riebesell, Joel Zellman, pg 23

September 1977 v.29 n.1

Cover: Model 8772A X-Y Plotter

A New Family of Intelligent Multi-Color X-Y Plotters. These fast, precise, programmable plotters draw report quality four-color plots. Features include dashed-line fonts, several built-in character fonts, user-defined characters, and symbol plotting, by Lawrence G. Brunetti, pg 2-5. 9872A, 7221A.

[Author:] Lawrence [Larry] G. Brunetti, pg 5

Easy-to-Use Interface Language Controls HP-IB Plotter, by Thomas H. Daniels, Larry W. Hennessee, pg 5-9. 9872A.

[Author:] Larry W. Hennessee, Thomas [Tom] H. Daniels, pg 9

Remote Terminal Plotter Offers Simple Programming and Efficient Communications, by Marvin L. Patterson, David A. Bones, pg 9-13. 9872A, 7221A.

Programmable I/O Assures System Compatibility, by David A. Bones, pg 12

[Authors:] Marvin [Marv] L. Patterson, David [Dave] A. Bones, pg 13

Speed, Precision, and Smoothness Characterize Four-color Plotter Pen Drive System, by Richard M. Kemplin, Robert D. Haselby, Marvin L. Patterson, pg 13-18

[Authors:] Robert [Bob] d. Haselby, Richard [Dick] M. Kemplin, pg 18

Appendix: Correction of Non-Ideal Step Motor Behavior, by Marvin Patterson, pg 19

Pen and Ink System Helps Assure Four-color Plotter Line Quality, by Richard M. Kemplin, Larry W. Hennessee, Leonard P. Balazer, George W. Lynch, pg 20-25

Digitizing Sight Adds Versatility, by Leonard Balazer, pg 22

[Authors:] George W. Lynch, Leonard P. Balazer, pg 25

A Battery-Powered ECG Monitor for Emergency and Operating Room Environments. Electrical isolation, reduced susceptibility to RF and electrosurgery interference, and battery power equip this non-fade ECG monitor to operate in the electrically hostile environments found in emergency vehicles and operating rooms, by Ronald D. Gatzke, Sherry R. Grobstein, pg 26-32. 78333A.

Safety Problems in Battery-Powered Instruments, pg 27

Electrosurgery Interference, by Sherry R. Grobstein, pg 28

[Author:] Sherry R. Grobstein, pg 31

[Author:] Ronald [Ron] D. Gatzke, pg 32

October 1977 v.29 n.2

Cover: Model 5420A Digital Signal Analyzer

Advanced Digital Signal Analyzer Probes Low-Frequency Signals with Ease and Precision. Significant new features include absolute internal calibration in the user’s choice of engineering units, digital band selectable or ‘zoom’ analysis, fully annotated dual-trace CRT display with X and Y axis cursors, digital storage of data and measurement setups on a tape cartridge and a random noise source to provide test stimulus, by H. Webber McKinney, Richard H. Grote, pg 2-8. 5420A.

The Module I/O Bus (MIOB), by David C. Synder, pg 6

[Authors:] Richard [Dick] H. Grote, H. Webber [Webb] McKinney, pg 8

Front End Design for Digital Signal Analysis, by Jean-Pierre Patkay, Frank R.F. Chu, Hans A. M. Wiggers, pg 9-14. 5420A.

[Authors:] Hans Am M. Wiggers, Jean-Pierre [Pierre] D. Patkay, Frank Rui-Feng Chu, pg 13

Display and Storage Systems for a Digital Signal Analyzer, by Walter M. Edgerley, Jr., David C. Snyder, pg 14-17. 5420A.

Included between pages 14 & 15: Index to Volumes 25, 26, 27, 28. September 1973 through August 1977. PART 1: Chronological Index. PART 2: Subject Index. PART 3: Model Number Index. PART 4: Author Index. The index is 12 pages; no page numbers are given to the index itself.

[Authors:] Walter [Walt] M. Edgerley, Jr., David [Dave] C. Snyder, pg 16

Digital Signal Analyzer Applications. Analyses of two actual systems, one electrical and one mechanical, show what the analyzer can do, by Terry L. Donahue, Joseph P. Oliverio, pg 17-21. 5420A.

[Authors:] Joseph [Joe] P. Oliverio, Terry L. Donahue, pg 21

Printing Financial Calculator Sets New Standards for Accuracy and Capability. This briefcase-portable calculator has several new functions and is exceptionally easy to use. Most important, the user need not be concerned about questions of accuracy or operating limits, by Roy E. Martin, pg 22-28. HP-92.

[Author:] Roy E. Martin, pg 28.

November 1977 v.29 n.3

Cover: Model 8672A Synthesized Signal Generator

Expanding Synthesized Signal Generation to the Microwave Range. Here are two broadband, programmable, high-spectral-purity microwave signal sources, a 2-to-18 GHz synthesized signal generator and a 2-6.2 GHz synthesizer. Both are single compact,13-cm high instruments, by James L. Thomason, pg 2-7. 8671A, 8672A.

Applications of a Microwave Synthesized Signal Generator, pg 4

A Fast 2-18 GHz Pulse Modulator, by Ronald Larson, pg 6. 11720A.

[Author:] James [Jim] L. Thomason, pg 7

Frequency Synthesis in a Microwave Signal Generator, by Kenneth L. Astrof, pg 8-15

An Improved 2-to-6.2-GHz YIG-Tuned Oscillator, by G. Basawapatna, J. Nidecker, pg 12

Dealing with Microphonic Sidebands, by Carl Enlow, pg 14-15

[Author:] Kenneth [Ken] L. Astrof, pg 15

Signal Generator Features for a Microwave Synthesizer, by Bradley C. Stribling, pg 15-21

A High-Performance Microwave Power Leveling Loop, by Stephen Sparks, pg 17-18

A Calibrated 50-Hz-to-10-MHz FM System, by Robert Dildine, Ronald Larson, pg 20-21

[Author:] Bradley [Brad] C. Stribling, pg 21

Personal Calculator Algorithms III: Inverse Trigonometric Functions. A detailed description of the algorithms used in Hewlett-Packard hand-held calculators to compute arc since, arc cosine, and arc tangent, by William E. Egbert, pg 22-23

Viewpoints: Tom Hornak on Fiber-Optic Communications, pg 24-25 (continued on back page)

An NMOS Process for High-Performance LSI Circuits. Fast 16-bit microprocessors, 16K read-only memories, and a variety of special-purpose random-logic chips are the result of an NMOS process that produces high-performance large-scale integrated circuits, by Joseph E. Deweese, Thomas R. Ligon, pg 26-32

Applications of the NMOS-II Process, pg 30-31

[Authors:] Joseph [Joe] E. DeWeese, Thomas [Tom] R. Ligon, pg 31

[Author:] Tom Hornak, pg 32

December 1977 v.29 n.4

Cover: The multifaceted HP-01 Wrist Instrument

Wrist Instrument Opens New Dimension in Personal Information. It’s a digital electronic wristwatch, a personal calculator, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, a timer, and a 200-year calendar, and its functions can interact to produce previously unavailable results, by Andre F. Marion, Edward A. Heinsen, Robert Chin, Bennie E. Helmso, pg 2-10. HP-01.

[Authors:] Edward [Ed] A. Heinsen, Bennie [Ben] E. Helmso, Andre F. Marion, Robert [Bob] Chin, pg 10

Higher Precision in Oscilloscope Measurements of Very Short Time Intervals. Incorporating electronic counter circuits in a delta-time oscilloscope enables 100-ps resolution in measurements of clock phasing, propagation delay and other digital system timing parameters, by Ronald C. Westlund, pg 11-17. 1743A.

On Delta-Time Measurements, pg 16

[Author:] Ronald [Ron] C. Westlund, pg 17

A Wide-Ranging, Automatic LCR Meter for Stand-Alone or Systems Applications. Microprocessor control broadens the capabilities of this speedy LCR meter and makes it readily adaptable to BCD or HP-IB automatic systems, by Masahiro Yokokawa, Keiki Kanafuji, pg 18-24. 4262A.

[Authors:] Masahiro Yokokawa, Keiki Kanafuji, pg 24