1980 – HP Journal Index

January 1980 v.31 n.1

Cover: Model 4191A RF Impedance Analyzer

Automated Testing of PCM Communications Equipment with a Single Self-Contained Instrument. Microprocessor control of multiple sources and detectors within this compact instrument achieves a new level of automation for voice-channel measurements in PCM multiplex equipment, by Mark Dykes, Andrew Batham, Virgil Marton, Robert Pearson, Mike Bryant, pg 3-15. 3779A/B.

PCM Transmission Systems, pg 4-5

Faster Results with Automatic Measurements, pg 7

End-to-End Measurements, pg 9

A Digital Attenuator with 1-dB Steps, pg 10

E & M Signaling Measurements, pg 11-12

[Authors:] Andrew [Andy] Batham, Mark Dykes, Mike Bryant, Robert [Bob] Pearson, Virgil Marton, pg 15

Software for an Automatic Primary Multiplex Analyzer. The built-in programs are at the heart of the Primary Multiplex Analyzer’s capabilities, by Mark Dykes, pg 16-21

Software Development, pg 19

Vector Impedance Analysis to 1000 MHz. This new impedance analyzer measures fourteen impedance parameters of two-terminal components. It’s fast, stable, accurate, and wide-range, by Toshio Ichino, Noriyuki Sugihara, Hideo Ohkawara, pg 22-32. 4191A.

Error Correction in the Impedance Analyzer, pg 25

February 1980 v.31 n.2

Cover: 8450A Spectrophotometer

Design and Performance of a Highly Integrated Parallel Access Spectrophotometer. This innovative ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer solves many chemical analysis problems that were impossible for older photometric technology, by Barry G. Willis, pg 3-11. 8450A.

Analysis for Metals, by Gerald E. James, pg 5

Chemical Identification, by Gerald E. James, pg 6

Pharmaceutical Formulations Analysis, by Gerald E. James, pg 7

Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Steroids, by Barry G. Willis, pg 8

[Authors:] Barry G. Willis, Gerald [Jerry] E. James, pg 11

A Task-Oriented Approach to Spectrophotometry. The user specifies the measurement and the data reduction and display parameters and gets answers in the desired format, by Barry G. Willis, Arthur Schleifer, pg 11-17. 8450A.

[Author:] Arthur [Art] Schleifer, pg 16

An Optical System for Full-Spectrum Measurements. Unusual features are a folded configuration, elliptical mirrors, and holographic diffraction gratings, by Alfred Schwartz, George W. Hopkins, pg 17-20. 8450A.

Holographically-Recorded Diffraction Gratings, pg 19

[Authors:] Alfred [Fred] Schwartz, George W. Hopkins, pg 19

Light Detection and Measurement in a High-Performance Spectrophotometer. Proprietary detectors and a low-noise, high-resolution readout system measure light at 401 wavelengths in one second, by Robert W. Widmayer, Knud L. Kundsen, pg 20-24. 8450A.

[Authors:] Knud L. Knudsen, pg Robert [Bob] L. Widmayer, pg 24

Servo-Controlled Beam Director Provides Major Benefits. It solves many manufacturing problems and provides many user conveniences, by Lynn Weber, Mark P. Morganthaler, pg 24-28. 8450A.

[Authors:] Lynn Weber, Mark P. Morgenthaler, pg 28

A Microcomputer System for Spectrophotometric Data Processing. It turns large amounts of data into useful information and makes the 8450A a friendly machine, by Glenn C. Steiner, pg 29-31

[Author:] Glenn C. Steiner, pg 31

How the 8450A Was Developed. Here are the people and the technological milestones that produced this new spectrophotometer, by Richard E. Monnier, pg 31-32

March 1980 v.31 n.3

Cover: HP-41C

Powerful Personal Calculator System Sets New Standards. Customize this advanced new handheld calculator by plugging in extra memory, a magnetic card reader, a printer, and application modules. You can reconfigure the keyboard, too, by David R. Conklin, Bernard E. Musch, John J. Wong, pg 3-12. HP-41C.

Packaging the HP-41C. The liquid crystal display made it interesting for the package designers, by Gerald W. Steiger, pg 7

[Author:] Gerald [Jerry] W. Steiger, pg 7

[Authors:] Bernard [Bernie] E. Musch, John J. Wong, David [Dave] R. Conklin, pg 12

Card Reader Offers Compatibility and Expanded Capability. More powerful and useful than its predecessors, the HP-41C card reader can read cards written by earlier HP personal calculators, by Patrick V. Boyd, David J. Lowe, pg 12-15. 82104A.

[Authors:] David [Dave] J. Lowe, Patrick [Pat] V. Boyd, pg 14

Evolutionary Printer Provides Significantly Better Performance. As the power of a calculator increases, so must the abilities of its printer, by Donald L. Morris, Roger D. Quick, pg 15-19. HP-41C, 82143A.

[Authors:] Roger D. Quick, Donald [Don] L. Morris, pg 19

Bulk CMOS Technology for the HP-41C. This integrated circuit process has many characteristics that contribute to long battery life in a calculator, by Norman L. Johnson, Vijay V. Marathe, pg 20-22

[Authors:] Norman [Norm] L. Johnson, Vijay V. Marathe, pg 22

The First HP Liquid Crystal Display. LCD advantages include low-voltage and power requirements and good visibility in strong light, by Craig Maze, pg 22-24. HP-41C.

[Author:] Craig Maze, pg 24

High Density and Low Cost with Printed Circuit Hybrid Technology. Silicon integrated circuit chips are mounted directly onto printed circuit boards to save space and cost, by Robert N. Low, James H. Fleming, pg 25-26. HP-41C.

[Authors:] Robert [Bob] N. Low, James [Jim] H. Fleming, pg 26

An Economical, Portable Microwave Spectrum Analyzer. With a frequency range of 10 MHz to 21 GHz, a calibrated amplitude range of -111 to +30 dBm, and a dynamic range of 70 dB, this new spectrum analyzer has lab-grade performance yet is compact enough for field use, by Richard L. Belding, David H. Molinari, pg 27-32. 8559A.

[Authors:] Richard [Rick] L. Belding, Jr., David [Dave] H. Molinari, pg 32

April 1980 v.31 n.4

Cover: High-performance microwave counter products that test high-frequency equipment

Microwave CW and Pulse Frequency Measurements to 40 GHz. A new harmonic heterodyne frequency converter plug-in adds automatic 40-GHz frequency measurements to the universal capabilities of HP’s top counter, by Robert W. Offermann, Ronald E. Felsenstein, Richard F. Schneider, pg 3-14. 5355A.

A 400-to-1600-MHz ¸8 Prescaler. State-of-the-art technology went into its tiny amplifier, attenuator, and binary circuits, by Hans J. Jekat, pg 5-6. 5355A.

[Author:] Hans J. Jekat, pg 6

An Automatic Microwave Frequency Counter Test System to 40 GHz. Testing high-performance microwave counters isn’t a trivial task, but this system does it automatically, by Larry L. Koepke, pg 11-12

[Author:] Larry L. Koepke

[Authors:] Robert [Bob] W. Offermann, Richard [Dick] F. Schneider, Ronald [Ron] E. Felsenstein, pg 14

40-GHz Frequency Converter Heads. The heads down-convert microwave input signals to frequencies that are more easily transmitted over coaxial cables, by Mohamed M. Sayed, pg 14-19. 5356A.

40-GHz Synthesizer Tests Frequency Converter Heads, by Mohamed M. Sayed, pg 16-19. 5356A/B/C, 5355A..

[Author:] Mohamed M. Sayed, pg 19

A 26.5-GHz Automatic Frequency Counter with Enhanced Dynamic Range. A new sampler provides higher frequency coverage and 10 dB greater sensitivity than previous designs, by Ali Bologlu, pg 20-22. 5343A.

[Author:] Ali Bologlu, pg 22

Microwave Counter Applications. Radar, oscillator, and general high-frequency measurements are described, by Richard F. Schneider, pg 23-25

Laboratory Notebook: A Flexible Software Development Technique. If you have read-only memory to spare, you can use it to make changes in long-lead-time masked ROMs that you’ve already ordered, by Ronald E. Felsenstein, pg 25-26

May 1980 v.31 n.5

Cover: Model 3586A/B/C Selective Level Meters and Model 3336A/B/C Synthesizer/Level Generator

A Programmable Selective Level Meter (Wave Analyzer) with Synthesized Tuning, Autoranging and Automatic Calibration. Covering an input frequency range of 50 Hz to 32.5 MHz, this tuned voltmeter measures characteristics of both the voice channels and the multiplexed channels of FDM communications systems. An alternate version functions as a general-purpose wave analyzer, by Paul L. Thomas, pg 3-8. 3586A/B/C.

[Author:] Paul L. Thomas, pg 8

Precision Synthesizer/Level Generator has High Spectral Purity for Telecommunications Testing. Use it alone or as a tracking signal source for the 3586A/B/C Selective Level Meter. Three versions meet CCITT, North American, and general-purpose requirements, by Phillip D. Winslow, pg 9-13. 3336A/B/C.

On Carrier Return Loss Measurement, by Phillip D. Winslow, pg 10

A Monolithic Thermal Converter. Integrated circuit technology produces a low-cost, broadband, monolithic silicon thermal rms-to-dc converter, by Peter M. O’Neill, pg 12-13

[Author:] Peter [Pete] M. O’Neill, pg 12

[Author:] Phillip [Phil] D. Winslow, pg 13

Increased Versatility for a Versatile Logic State Analyzer. During analysis of program flow in a computer system, dynamically qualified multiphase clocking enables the Model 1610B to acquire for display all parts of an asynchronous transaction while excluding irrelevant events, by Justin S. Morrill, Jr., John D. Hansen, pg 14-18

[Authors:] John D. Hansen, Justin S. Morrill, Jr., pg 18

General-Purpose Module Adapts Dedicated Logic State Analyzer to Almost Any Microprocessor. Although conceived originally as a logic-state analyzer dedicated to particular microprocessors, the Model 1611A now has a general-purpose module that allows its to work with almost any microprocessor, by Deborah J. Ogden, pg 19-24

[Author:] Deborah [Debbie] J. Ogden, pg 24

June 1980 v.31 n.6

Cover: Model 3850A

Electronic Distance Measurement for Industrial and Scientific Applications. This new distance meter features a transducer mode in which it measures the distance to a moving target nine time per second for output to a computer or other controller, by David E. Smith, pg 3-11. 3850A, 38001A.

A Versatile Computer Interface for Electronic Distance Meters, by David Smith, pg 5

Dynamic Distance Meter Performance Testing, by Dean Buck, pg 8

[Author:] David [Dave] E. Smith, pg 11

Industrial Distance Meter Applications. Proportional and intelligent position control systems, dynamic monitoring and static monitoring are discussed, by David E. Smith, Troy L. Brown, pg 11-19. 3850A.

[Author:] Troy L. Brown, pg 18

Mass Storage Management – A Unified Approach. After several years of work on mass storage management software at HP’s Desktop Computer Division, a generalized philosophy has emerged, by William A. Hanna, pg 20-24

[Author:] William [Bill] A. Hanna, pg 24

July 1980 v.31 n.7

Cover: The HP-85, HP’s first personal computer

A New World of Personal/Professional Computation. Now, an inexpensive computer system with integral display, mass storage, hard copy, and graphics capability is available for personal use by the technical professional or first-time computer user, by Todd R. Lynch, pg 3-7. HP-85.

[Author:] Todd R. Lynch, pg 6

Adding I/O Capability to the HP-85. With the implementation of I/O features, the capabilities of a self-contained personal computer system are expandable to control instruments, add on more powerful peripherals and even talk to other computers, by John H. Nairn, David J. Sweetser, Tim I. Mikkelsen, pg 7-13

Using HP-85 I/O Capabilities, by Tim Mikkelsen, pg 13

[Authors:] Tim I. Mikkelsen, John N. Nairn, pg 13

[Author:] David [Dave] J. Sweetser, pg 14

A Compact Tape Transport Subassembly Designed for Reliability and Low Cost. New techniques in electrical and mechanical design were required, by Brian G. Spreadbury, Douglas J. Collins, pg 14-19. 98200A.

[Authors:] Douglas [Doug] J. Collins, Brian G. Spreadbury, pg 19

A High-Quality CRT Display for a Portable Computer. This compact CRT subassembly displays graphics data in addition to alphanumeric information, by James F. Bausch, pg 19-22. HP-85.

[Author:] James [Jim] F. Bausch, pg 22

A Compact Thermal Printer Designed for Integration into a Personal Computer. It can print program listings or output hard copies of displayed alphanumeric and graphics data, by Ronald W. Keil, Clement C. Lo, pg 22-26. HP-85.

An Efficient Power Supply for the HP-85, by Jim Bausch, pg 24

Enhanced BASIC Language for a Personal Computer. HP-85 BASIC has commands for plotting graphics data, using mass storage, and performing a wide variety of functions, by Nelson A. Mills, Homer C. Russell, Kent R. Henscheid, pg 26-32

[Authors:] Ronald [Ron] W. Keil, Clement C. Lo, pg 26

Random Number Generation, by Homer Russell, pg 28

Faster Integer Processing, by Homer Russell, pg 30

[Authors:] Nelson A. Mills, Kent R. Henscheid, Homer C. Russell, pg 32

August 1980 v.31 n.8

Cover: 8903A Audio Analyzer

A Complete Self-Contained Audio Measurement System. This automatic, autoranging audio analyzer has the signal source, distortion analyzer, and counter to make the measurements most often needed in audio-frequency testing, by James D. Foote, pg 3-17. 8903A.

Audio analyzer Applications, pg 6-7

Making the Most of a Microprocessor-Based Instrument Controller. In an audio analyzer, microprocessor control means automatic operation, “guaranteed” accurate measurements and extra features, by Corydon J. Boyan, pg 8-9. 8903A.

[Author:] Corydon [Cory] J. Boyan, pg 9

Design for a Low-Distortion, Fast-Settling Source. It’s based on a state-variable filter with refinements, by George D. Pontis, pg 10-11. 8903A.

Floating a Source Output. The floating output lets the user eliminate ground-loop errors, sum signals, and add dc offsets, by George D. Pontis, pg 12-13. 8903A.

[Author:] George D. Pontis, pg 13

A Digitally Tuned Notch Filter. It eliminates the fundamental frequency component of the incoming signal for distortion and noise measurements, by Chung Y. Lau, pg 14-15. 8903A.

[Author:] Chung Y. Lau, pg 15

[Author:] James [Jim] D. Foote, pg 17

A Custom LSI Approach to a Personal Computer. Nine HP-produced large-scale integrated circuits make the HP-85 possible, by Todd R. Lynch, pg 18-22

The HP-85 Software Development System, by Nelson A. Mills, pg 21

[Author:] Nelson A. Mills, pg 21

[Author:] Todd R. Lynch, pg 22

Handheld Calculator Evaluates Integrals. The HP-34C is the first handheld calculator to have a key that performs numerical integration almost automatically. It may change your attitude towards what used to be regarded as a dreary tedious task, by William M. Kahan, pg 23-32

[Author:] William M. Kahan, pg 32

September 1980 v.31 n.9

Cover: Model 5335A Universal Counter

A Fully Integrated, Microprocessor-Controlled Total Station. Here’s a new instrument that measures angles and distances, combines these readings, and yields true three-dimensional position information, by Alfred F. Gort, pg 3-11. 3820A.

Distance Correction for Variations in Air Temperature and Pressure, pg 9

Development of the 3820A, pg 10

[Author:] Alfred [Al] F. Gort, pg 10

Mechanical Design Constraints for a Total Station. Electronic position measurement accuracy isn’t usable without a stable frame and bearing system, by Ronald K. Kerschner, pg 12-14. 3820A.

[Author:] Ronald [Ron] K. Kerschner, pg 13

A Compact Optical System for Portable Distance and Angle Measurements. When the same optical system has to serve as both telescope and distance-meter optics, you have a lens design challenge, by David J. Sims, Charles E. Moore, pg 14-16. 3820A, Roelof’s Solar Prism Adaptor.

[Authors:] David [Dave] J. Sims, Charles E. Moore, pg 16

An Approach to Large-Scale Non-Contact Coordinate Measurements. How do you verify that a huge airplane is properly assembled?, by Douglas R. Johnson, pg 16-20. 3820A.

Aircraft Inspection, pg 17

Interfacing the 3820A via the HP-IB. The total station can communicate with computers for further processing of distance and angle information, by Gerald F. Wasinger, pg 18-19

[Author:] Gerald [Jerry] F. Wasinger, pg 19

Antenna Assembly, pg 19. 3820A.

A Deflection Measurement Example and Error Considerations, pg 20

[Author:] Douglas [Doug] R. Johnson, pg 20

Automatic Measurements with a High-Performance Universal Counter. Built-in calculating capability, automatic measurement routines, innovative trigger level controls and interpolators, and an optional DVM add up to a powerful, versatile measurement system, by Ronald C. Jensen, Gary D. Sasaki, pg 21-31. 5335A.

Third Input Extends Range to 1300 MHz. It’s a prescaler, but the mainframe’s interpolators prevent loss of resolution, by David M. Dipietro, pg 24- 25. 5335A.

[Author:] David [Dave] M. DiPietro, pg 24

A Voltmeter for a Universal Counter. Precision voltage-to-frequency converters with software error correction provide a systems voltmeter for little added cost, by Val D. McOmber, pg 28-29. 5335A.

[Author:] Val D. McOmber, pg 29

5335A Self Test and Diagnostics. Built-in checks boost user confidence and make troubleshooting easy, by Robert J. Lafollette, pg 30

[Author:] Robert [Bob] J. LaFollette, pg 30

[Authors:] Ronald [Ron] C. Jensen, Gary D. Sasaki, pg 31

A Low-Cost Universal Counter for Systems Applications, by Michael J. Ward, David M. George, pg 32. 5316A.

October 1980 v.31 n.10

Cover: Model 64000 Logic Development System consisting of a work station, disc drive and printer

Logic Development System Accelerates Microcomputer System Design. This expandable, flexible system offers a complete set of facilities for generating and debugging microprocessor-system hardware and software. It’s designed with next-generation VLSI circuits in mind, by Brian W. Kerr, Thomas A. Saponas, pg 3-12. 64000.

Resource Sharing in the Logic Development System. Here’s how six processors share as many as eight disc drives and a printer, by Alan J. DeVilbiss, pg 7-8

[Author:] Alan [Al] J. DeVilbiss, pg 8

64500 PROM Programmer, by Roger Cox, pg 9

64000 Command Parsing, pg 11

[Authors:] Brian W. Kerr, Thomas [Tom] A. Saponas, pg 12

Emulators for Microprocessor System Development. To the system under development the emulator looks like a microprocessor, yet the designer has complete analysis and debugging facilities, by Milo E. Muterspaugh, Gordon A. Greenley, James B. Donnelly, pg 13-20. 64000.

[Authors:] James [Jim] B. Donnelly, Gordon A. Greenly, Milo E. Muterspaugh, pg 20

The Pascal/64000 Compiler. The structured programming features of Pascal are augmented for microprocessor code development, by Jacques Gregori Bourque, Izagma I. Alonso-Velez, pg 20-27

Program Debugging with Pascal/64000. Expanded listings show the compiler output interleaved with the source statements to make it easy to trace execution, by P. Alan McDonley, pg 22-23

[Author:] P. Alan [Al] McDonley, pg 23

The 64000 Linker. table-driven architecture supports a variety of microprocessors, by James B. Stewart, pg 25-26

[Author:] James [Kip] B. Stewart, pg 26

[Authors:] Jacques Gregori [Greg] Bourque, Izagma I. Alonso-Velez, pg 27

An Assembler for all Microprocessors. In addition to generating code for standard microprocessors, this table-driven assembler allows the user to create an assembler for a custom chip, by Brad E. Yackle, pg 28-30. 64000.

[Author:] Brad E. Yackle, pg 29

Viewpoints: Chuck House on the Electronic Bench. VLSI will create both a need for new analysis and synthesis tools and a way to realize them, pg 30-32

[Author:] Charles [Chuck} H. House, pg 32

November 1980 v.31 n.11

Cover: Hewlett Packard 78500 Series Patient Information Centers

Patient Monitoring Enhanced by New Central Station. Multi-microprocessor architecture and a new integrated display concept provide more patient data, fewer false alarms, internal self-tests and extensive recording capabilities in an easy-to-operate system, by Larry L. Nielsen, Timothy B. Blancke, pg 3-11. 78500, 78501A, 78502A.

[Authors:] Timothy [Tim] B. Blancke, Larry L. Nielson, pg 10

High-Speed Raster Technique Provides Flexible Display. Smooth waveforms on a raster-scan CRT display are made possible by a combination of higher scan rate and beam width modulation, by Robert L. Stettiner, George L. Adleman, pg 11-15. 78500.

Basic Deflection Techniques, pg 12

[Authors:] George L. Adleman, Robert [Bob] L. Stettiner, pg 14

Sample Selection Filtering and the Bandwidth Problem, pg 14

Multi-Processor Architecture and Communications for Patient Monitoring. Four processors use three different communication links to share tasks and accomplish the overall monitoring system, by James M. Rueter, pg 15-18. 78500, 78501A, 78502A, 78511A.

[Author:] James [Jim] M. Rueter, pg 18

Self-Test and Serviceability for Dependable Central Patient Monitoring. This system automatically analyzes itself for failures, reconfigures its units to continue operating when one unit fails, and notifies the operator of any malfunction, by Jeffrey M. Goldberg, pg 19-23. 78500.

[Author:] Jeffrey [Jeff] M. Goldberg, pg 23

Firmware for a Patient Monitoring Station. A matched-filter design accurately analyzes electrocardiogram waveforms, by Kim L. Hanna, pg 23-28. 78500.

Critical Regions for Process Communication and Coordination, pg 28. 78500.

[Author:] Kim L. Hanna, pg 28

An Interactive HP 3000/IBM Mainframe Link. More than a 3270 emulator, IML/3000 provides high-level intrinsics for interactive data interchange, and an inquiry and development facility that makes HP 3000 system terminals look like terminals attached to the IBM mainframe, by Connie J. Ishida, pg 29-32. 32229A.

[Author:] Connie Jean Ishida, pg 32

December 1980 v.31 n.12

Cover: System 45C desktop computer

Color Enhances Computer Graphics System. The addition of a color CRT, extensive graphics control statements and faster vector generation to a desktop computer provides a comprehensive graphics system for the display and interpretation of complex data, by John B. Frost, William L. Hale, pg 3-5. 45C, 9845C.

[Authors:] Willaim [Bill] L. Hale, John [Jack] B. Frost, pg 5

The System 45C User’s Firmware Interface. New language statements provide easy input of graphical data and control of color parameters for generation of curves, shapes and shaded areas, by Robert W. Fredrickson, Robert A. Jewett, pg 6-9

[Authors:] Robert [Bob] A. Jewett, Robert [Bob] W. Fredrickson, pg 9

Light Pen Aids User Interaction with Display. Getting a light pen to work with a raster-scan display is not easy, first several physical limitations had to be overcome, by Frederick J. Porter, pg 10-19. 45C.

Index: Volume 31 January 1980 through December 1980. PART 1: Chronological Index, pg 15-16. PART 2: Subject Index, pg 16-17. PART 3: Model Number Index, pg 17-18. PART 4: Author Index, pg 18.

[Author:] Frederick [Fred] J. Porter, pg 19

A Precision Color Raster-Scan Display for Graphics Applications. These scanning circuit designs provide a color display free from distracting anomalies, by Warren C. Pratt, pg 19-24. 45C.

[Author:] Warren C. Pratt, pg 24

Display System Designed for Color Graphics. System 45C’s graphics architecture yields high-speed color picture generation with area shading, by Harold L. Baeverstad, Jr., Clark C. Bruderer, pg 25-32

System 45C Power Supply Considerations. A separate power supply for the color display provides for easy upgrading of earlier System 45 Computers, by J. Steven Becker, pg 28

[Author:] J. Steven [Steve] Becker, pg 28

Display Characteristics and Timing, pg 30

[Authors:] Clark C. Bruderer, Harold [Harry] L. Baeverstad, Jr., pg 30