1951 – Watts


  • Hewlett-Packard Company Expands (Production Must Double), David Packard, 1.
  • H-P Now Producing Waveguide Products — Will Add 100 New Items to -hp- Line, 1.


  • Packard–Advisory Committee Member on Test Equipment, 1.
  • Hew-Pack on Exhibit — New Instruments to be Shown, 1.


  • The New York I.R.E. Show, Dave Packard, 1.
  • Machine Shop Goes Electronic (addition of Westinghouse Industrial Radio Frequency Generator for Induction Heating), 3.


  • Our New Plant Addition, Bob Jones, from interview with Noel Porter, Production Manager, 1.
  • Shipping Department Records Growth, Jeanne Jarrett, 6.


  • First Aiders Meet — Program Well Underway, Dick Stone, 1.
  • Neely Knocks ‘Em — H-P Shows New Merchandise, Stan Selby, 3.


  • H-P’s Colorful Past, Bob Jones, 1.
  • 623A Microwave Test Set, 1.
  • Sales-Service Seminar, July 6 to 9 — Annual Procedure Will Orientate 36 Salesman, 1.


  • Sales Seminar Well Attended, 1.
  • Protection of Plant — Air Raids a Possibility, 3.
  • Telephone in Truck Speeds H-P Deliveries, PHOTOS, 7.


  • H-P First Aiders Receive “Diplomas”, Dick Stone, 1.
  • 202A Red Hot — Interest Mounts, 1.
  • H-P Pension Plan — Here’s How It Works, Dick Stone, 4.
  • Hewlett-Packard on Display (Over 5,000 visitors viewed the Hewlett-Packard exhibit at the recent San Francisco show), 6.


  • H-P Drive Nets $2,000 For Community Chest, Frank Cavier, 1.
  • Inside Story of Your H-P Insurance Program, Dick Stone, 3.
  • A Typical H-P Tour (Part I), Stan Selby, 7.
  • plant, library, laboratory, production, offices, tool design, kardex, dark room, welding, paint,


  • H-P Blood Bank Is Reactivated (In Cooperation with Elks Club), Frank Cavier, 2.
  • An Open Letter to Joe Stalin, Dick Stone, 4.
  • A Typical H-P Tour (Part II), Stan Selby, 6. quonset, hot box, shake testing, plastic moulding; model shop; punch; machine shop; HP Journal; pre- fabrication; tuning; engraving; stock room; production line; repair; packaging; test; shipping.


  • Our Christmas Message, Bill and Dave, 1.
  • “Y” Leaders Needed — Local Organization Asks -hp- Help, 1.
  • H-P Incentive Bonus System — How It Works!, Dick Stone, 3.

1951 – HP Journal Index

January 1951 v.2 n.5

The High-Speed Frequency Counter – A New Solution to Old Problems, by A. S. Bagley. 524A.

February 1951 v.2 n.6

The -hp- Program for Waveguide Type Measuring Equipment, by N. B. Schrock. 809B, 810B, 444A, 806B, S810A, 442A.

March/April 1951 v.2 n.7-8

Power Measurements from 10 to 12,400 Megacycles, by B. P. Hand, N. B. Schrock. 476A, 430B.

May 1951 v.2 n.9

Inexpensive Quality

June 1951 v.2 n.10

A New Generator of Frequencies Down to 0.01 CPS, by R. H. Brunner. 202A.

July 1951 v.2 n.11

Accuracy in -hp- Voltmeters and Oscillators, by R. M. Demere, Brunton Bauer. 400A.

August 1951 v.2 n.12

-hp- Distortion Measuring Equipment, by Brunton Bauer. 300A, 330B, 330D, 320B.

September 1951 v.3 n.1

Good Practice in Slotted Line Measurements (Part I), by W. B. Wholey

October 1951 v.3 n.2

Two New Test Sets for SHF Measurements. 623B, 624A.

Good Practice in Slotted Line Measurements (Conclusion), by W. B. Wholey. 624A, 623B.

November 1951 v.3 n.3

Recent Developments in -hp- Waveguide Type Measuring Equipment, by J. K. Hunton, N. B. Schrock. 444A, 806B.

December 1951 v.3 n.4

Oscillators for many purposes. 650A, 204A.