W – Subject File Guide

Waltham Division:
WD becomes Medical Electronis Division, 9/69; layoff notice, 9/4/69; recruiting brochure [n.d.];

See Also Medical Products Group (Andover)

     See Also Sanborn

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1940s:
from Wm. Bigler’s files; David Packard,1/15/47, curtailing paper; handwritten memo to Bigler from Packard asking him to stop publishing photos of classified work spaces during war time;

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1943-1952:
goof regarding birth of Walter Berry Hewlett and subsequent series of memos; includes touching letter from the mother of James Sisney, reported MIA on April 22, 1944;

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1953-1954:

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1955-1956:

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1957-1961:
includes letter to Herbert Hoover gladly granting his request to be on the Watt’s Current mailing list; also press release regarding the appointment of four executive vice presidents: Eldred, Porter, Oliver, Cavier, June 7, 1957;

Watt’s Current, Recommendations 1961:
“An Evaluation with Recommendations for Revision,” by Gordon Cubbison, 1961

Wavefront Research Inc.:
[acquisition] acquired WRI, March 2001

HP position paper on denying access to products for the purpose of making nuclear weapons, 1966; making of variable time (VT) fuse, secret World War II project, clipping dated 10/15/45;

Web Site (Agilent), External:

Web Site (Agilent), Internal:

[tradeshow]1963? brochure, “What is Wescon”; official program, 1949 West Coast Convention, 5th Annual Pacific Electronic Exhibit; oficial program, WESCON/91, 40th anniversary edition; HP marketing materials distributed at Wescon, 1960s;

See Also West Coast Electronic Manufacturers Association

West Coast Electronic Manufacturers Association:
Dave Packard correspondence about the formation of WEMA, December, 1943; Correspondence, minutes of meetings, list of participants exploring the formation of, 1943; becomes AEA 1978;

See Also American Electronics Association [AeA]

Western Electric Show & Convention

     See Wescon

Where you can work in HP:
pamphlet 1987, 1991

Wiltron Lawsuit:
Wiltron Company of Morgan Hill, HP competitor in microwave communications test equipment, filed suit in federal court in Los Angeles May 18, 1988 charging HP with violation of federal antitrust laws, unfair marketing practices, contract interference;

Winnersh (England):
new marketing & sales headquarters, 1975;

WITI Foundation:
includes booklet incorporating existing nomination forms and letters for WITI’s 2001 Hall of Fame Award for Agilent’s Darlene Solomon;

memo delineating services for wives when HP husbands are away on business, 1959, family; advertisements, competitor, cheesecake; article by Sara Westendorf, HP employee, on succeeding in a male-dominated field, 1993; Jane Evans honored, 1989; statement concerning career opportunities for women at HP, 1975;

     See Also Neely, Advertisements;

     See Also David Packard’s note on letter 9/11/78; women and minorities, status of, 1980’s;

Women’s Conference (Agilent):
Maya Angelou gives keynote, Feb. 23, 2001;

See Also Technical Women’s Conference

Workforce Management

     See Personnel, Expense Reduction Measures

Workmanship Standards:
Wiring, Soldering and Printed Circuits, 1967;

See Also Personnel, House Rules

(m)Workplace Violence Prevention brochure

World Expo ’86:
HP exhibit in California Pavilion at World Exposition in Vancouver, 1986; The Bicycle Company Information Network;

World Expo ’88:
HP computer equipment used in U.S. pavilion, Brisbane, Australia;

World War II:
summary of HP contributions to war effort, 1943; war bond drive totals 1944; highlights 1940-1992, HP/US government;

See Also  “E” Award

See Also  Weapons

“Worldwide Business Ethics of HP,”:
David Packard column, 1976;

See Also Business Ethics

Worldwide Customer Support Operations:
WCSO created, February 1985;

T – Subject File Guide

Tahoe Regatta:
1968-1971 recreation;

See Also Picnics

     See Also Sports

(m)Taiwan, China, [joint venture], 1992 for Taiwan’s first software factory, OSSI Open Systems Software Inc.

overview and historical perspective of HP in Taiwan from March/April 1988 Measure;

feature from beAgilent 8/12/2002, Agilent hosts meeting between technology company execs and congressional delegration (New Democrat Network);

Take Our Kids to Work Day:
flyer for event on 8/23/01;

Technical Conference, Agilent

     Program Guide, 2007;

Technical Women’s Conference:
flyer for 1st, 1988;

(m)Technology and Profitable Growth – speech by William Hewlett corporate objectives, 1977

Technology Transfer:
WBIRL Project, poster, 1996-98;

Technology Development Center:
Closure of Technology Development Center in Palo Alto, May 1995;

Telecom Hewlett-Packard Proprietary Ltd.:
joint venture with Telecom Australia, 1988;

Telecommunications at HP, 1960s:
“HP Company Communication Study Report,” Pacific Telephone, 9/63 — HP’s first WATS lines; memo justifying private phone line from Loveland to Palo Alto, 7/12/62; Neely Enterprises diagram of private telephone lines, 3/12/63; Crossley Associates memo about communications services in place (TWX), 4/10/64; Request for Project, 4/1/63; Executive Council authorizes project for Corporate Operations Analysis group to study HP’s total communications system, 3/12/64; Corporate Communications Dept. plans, 1966, 1967; org charts for Corporate Management Services Dept., 1967-68;

Telecommunications at HP, 1970s:
1970s telephone dialing plan;  HP Nationwide Voice Communication Study by AT&T, 1977; correspondence, plans, org charts, job descriptions;

Telecommunications Industry:
Telecommunications Industry Perception Audit for Hewlett-Packard’s Test and Measurement Organization, July 1995; “Agilent in Comms” Communications Strategy, updated 3/15/2001; HP at Telecom 1991; “Agilent Technologies and Communications: Six Decades of Measurement Contributions” by John Minck, 2000; Stanford Park Division receivers used by NASA for satellite TV, 1974; testing Iridium satellites with HP equipment, 1995;

Telecommunications Industry, Agilent in Communications:
“Agilent in Comms”, Communications Strategy, Truth Well Told, McCann-Erickson World Group, Update 3/15/01; same as previous, Update 4/12/01; Agilent in Communications, Messaging by Segment, 7/10/01 (there are 3 versions of this, all with the same cover date of 7/10/01 but the individual slides in the different sets are dated 7/12/01, 7/27/01, 8/16/01);

Telecommunications Systems Business Unit:
TSBU began 11.1.92 within Computer Systems Organization (CSO); Global Solutions for Telecom 1997 speech by Manuel Diaz;

guidelines 1996, 1997;

Telephone Operators:

(m)Teramac, HP Labs computer built with defective chips 1999

Terman Award:
sponsored by HP, since 1969, presented by the American Society for Engineering Education;

Terman Fellowship:

Terrorism, 9/11/2001:
Agilent’s response;

Test and Measurement Organization:
includes TMO highlights from General Manager’s Meeting, 1994; Division model, process on laminated cards; “Road to Renewal” Los Angeles Times, 1995 article about the reinvention of the Test and Measurement Organization; See Also Case Study, Hewlett-Packard’s Santa Rosa Systems Division

Texas Instruments:
[acquisition] TI computer systems and services business acquired, June, 1992;

includes press release, photos and speech from opening day of new Bangkok office, 2002; speech by Dr. Arthit Urairat;

This Month in Agilent History:
from Infospark, beAgilent series began May 2003

analysis of El Cid’s sword, using HP4500 mass spectrometer;

Total Quality Control:
letter from former employee Dan Perrino describing Hewlett visit to Paramus, NJ in 1973 finding rusted screws on an HP product; customer letters and product applications that reflect high quality, rugged products; various articles from various sources re: quality; letters from Dave and Bill in Measure reflecting the company’s objective of creating quality products; quote from Dave Packard from Nov. 11, 1977 re: firing employees who refuse to reject bad quality products at inspection; speech by John Young titled “Quality: the Competitive Advantage,” AEA, 11/8/83;

See Quality  [after 1999]

     See Also President’s Quality Award

     See Also Yokogawa-HP, Total Quality Control

Total Quality Control, Publications:
QED magazines subtitled “Achieving Quality at Hewlett-Packard,” 1989-90; “Introduction to TQC at HP in Administrative and Service Functions, 3/87”; “Quest for Total Quality” (various versions: 3/87, 4/89); “Quality Maturity System: Overview,” 1989; “Phenomenal Problem-Solving Formula Revealed”;

Total Quality Control, Training:
course materials for workshop on Data Collection Strategy for TQC, circa 1985; Total Quality Control at HP, 1985;

Trade Secrets:
various lists, sheets and letters; brochure “Protecting HP Trade Secrets”, one version dated 1989, one dated 1993; two sheets: Handling and Managing Agilent’s Information Assets, and, Quick Reference Chart for Labels at Agilent, revision 1.2, 5/03/01;

corporate Identity Application, naming of Agilent Manual, c. 1979, Corporate Industrial Design Department; design of HP logotype; history of logo;

See Also 1SRS10 (Patents, Royalties, Licenses, box 2, folder marked Trademark)

     See Also “Corporate Identity Application manual,” 1979

Training Program for Women:
1958 Memo of Understanding on Volunteer Training Courses for Electronic Production Work;

(m)Trust Agreements with Anglo California National Bank: Employees Pension Fund, Retirement Trust, 1948, 1956; Profit Sharing, 1962;

Turing, Alan:
use of HP Oscillator, 1940s;


(m)TV Answer alliance, Interactive TV (ITA)

Q – Subject File Guide

co-marketing agreement re: lab-on-a-chip solutions, 2003

[acquisition]New Hampshire IP test company acquired in 1999;

includes Quality Policy, dated July 2002; Quality Manual, 11/89;

See Also Total Quality Control  [before 1999]

     See Also President’s Quality Award

“Quality and 16K RAMs: A Hewlett-Packard Case Study”:
presentation on quality of Japanese products (especially semiconductors) at a seminar sponsored by the Electronics Industries Association of Japan, March 25, 1980, Washington D.C.;

(m)R&D, Lab Reports, loose and in need of processing

(m)R&D, Lincoln Welders, Rewiring procedures for  1940

(m)R&D Review, 1974:  Prompted by Bill Hewlett, a memo from Barney Oliver with a list of question of company-wide interest in an R&D review.  Shows an awareness of the value of making a contribution vs improving sales in the next FY including factors such as implementation time, interdepartmental exchange, divisional niche vs competition;

Y – Subject File Guide

Year 2000 computer problems

Yokogawa Analytical Systems Inc.:
[joint venture] YAN is jv between HP and Yokogawa Electric Corporation, to manufacture & sell analytical laboratory instruments in Japan, announced spring 1992;

(m)Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Annual Report  1986/1987

Yokogawa-HP [YHP]:
HP Japan becomes wholly-owned HP subsidiary, 7/99; contains original clipping on the 1963 agreement; several internal and external articles and org charts relating to YHP; “Case History of a Successful Experiment in Japan” by Karl Schwarz, 1988; org chart; rugby club;

Yokogawa-HP [YHP], 1963:
YHP, first joint venture between Yokogawa Electric Corporation and HP; announcement of approval from Japanese government, 8/63; Japan-NASA cooperative space venture, Wallops Island, 1962; YEW marketing organization chart; proposed YEW-HP marketing agreement, 2/6/63;

Yokogawa-HP [YHP], Anniversary (20th):
“Welcome to YHP”;

Yokogawa-HP [YHP], Deming Prize:
Prize for Individual to Kenzo Sasaoka, retired chairman of the board of Hewlett-Packard Japan, 1996; “Winning the Deming Prize,” Craig Walter, 9/20/83; “YHP Teamwork Takes the Prize,” 1982;

See Also 1SRS6 (Individual Files,A-Z)(Deming)

Yokogawa-HP [YHP], Legal Documents:
Preliminary Agreement for Establishing a Joint Venture February 14, 1963, signed by David Packard, President and Iwao Yamasaki, President; Original.  Amendment to Yokogawa Electric Works, LTD. – Hewlett-Packard Company Statement of Policy for Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard, LTD., 1979. Yokogawa Electric Works, LTD. – Hewlett-Packard Company Statement of Policy for Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard, LTD., 1982 draft. Named Hewlett-Packard Japan in 1995, became wholly owned subsidiary in 1999

Yokogawa-HP [YHP], Total Quality Control:
“Development of TQC as Applied to YHP Factory Operations,” internal use only, presented 9/13/82;

See Also Organization, [year]

V – Subject File Guide

Vancouver Division:
air pollution, April 1993; manufacturing reduction, 1998;

Varian Associates:
“From Steeples of Excellence to Silicon Valley” the Story of Varian Associates and Stanford Industrial Park by Henry Lowood;

[divestiture] of Automation Integration Software (AIS) business, a division of Agilent Technologies Canada, to Verano Dec. 2000; Verano Acquires A.T.’s Automation Integration Software Business, 12/7/00;

E-mail correspondence about an historical image database for Verigy c/o the Agilent Foundation, January 11, 2006; CEO Announcement;

Versatest Inc.:
[acquisition] HP acquires flash memory test market October 1994;

(m)VeriFone [acquisition] announced April 23, 1997

Vertek Inc.:
[acquisition] medical electronics company in Burlington VT, acquired circa 1972;

(m)VID Division, Video Communications Division formerly Stanford Park Division renamed April 1993;

Video Classroom:
late 1960s development in training

See Also Stanford University – HP, Honors Program

international videoconferencing, 1988;

See Also Electronic Mail

HP opened headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) Jan. 31, 1996;

Vintage Charts:
orders and shipments, 1994-1998; new products vs. orders, 1993-1997;

See Also Annual Reports

Visitors, California Legislators:

Visitors, deGaulle:
President of France visits, 1960; speeches, itinerary, report by WRH; more

See Also (m)Public Relations, Plant Tours

Visitors, Malayan Prime Minister:
Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, Nov. 1, 1960 ;

Visitors, Prince Philippe:
1985, Prince Philippe of Belgium (former Stanford student) visits Palo Alto and Corvallis;

Visitors, Quayle:
Vice President’s visit, July 1989;

Visitors, Queen Elizabeth:
1983, Britain’s Queen tours Cupertino site;

Visitors, Swedish Delegation:
Royal Technology Mission by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden; visit to Palo Alto and Cupertino;

results of Corporate Voluntarism Council’s survey, 1982; BeAgilent Making a Difference – Make a Difference Day, including “Shear Madness” event, 11/10/00; Rolling up our Sleeves for Agilent’s “Day of Caring”, 10/30/01;

See Also Citizenship

VXI Technology (Irvine, Calif.):
[divestiture] press release, dated May 2, 2003 announcing completion of divestiture of Agilent’s mechanical data acquisition product segment

U – Subject File Guide

Union Activities:
includes memo from Bill Hewlett detailing the Supervisory Training Program; Justice for Janitors, 1998; also a good interview with Dave Packard on Unions, etc. from Nation’s Business, January 1974;

See Also 1SRS4 (Ray Wilbur)

(m)United Kingdom, U.K. see England, see Scotland

United Kingdom:
Facts Sheet, 1/03

United Nations Profile of HP, 1982:
prepared by UN Centre on Transnational Corporations (UNCTC);

United States Army Communications & Electronics Command Award:
1989 blue ribbon contractor certification to 4 HP divisions;

United States Government as Customer:
Highlights of HP’s Relationship with US government; several internal and external articles, covering 1940-1999; points to make about HP and defense, [n.d.]; analysis of government orders, FY75; Defense Cutback – What it Means to Industry, Air Force/Space Digest, 1/70;

United States Trade Policy:
statement 1986;

See Also Japan

United Way:
at HP; scandals at national level;

See Also Philanthropy Programs

computer Remington Rand purchased and installed at HP, 1955;

(m)U.S. Memories, 1989-1990, Joint venture to manufacture DRAM chips

S – Subject File Guide

SAFCO Technologies:
[acquisition] acquired July 26, 2000; “External Communications Plan” for SAFCO announcement with 10/16/2000 memo from Jeannette Lentz-Samuels;

“Introduction to Safety” for employees of HP, 1985

“Orders and How They Grow,” 1940s McGraw Hill booklet on How to Make a Sale; “Time & Territory Management,” 1981; early product sheets, including 460A amplifier and 100C and 100D Frequency Standard; chart of HP’s growth in sales throughout 70s;

See Also Neely

Sales, 1939-1940:

(m)Sales, Domestic International Sales Corporation DISC, U.S. Congressional initiative 1971, letters from Bill Hewlett projecting HP’s export business with and without DISC

(m)Sales, International 1960-1973

(m)Sales, Midwest Region

See Also Sales Regions, 1964-1963

(m)Sales, Personnel List 1964

Sales, Promotion:
scrapbook of products Nov 1958-May 1959 (oversize box, shelved in Subject File next to sales file)

Sales, Promotion:
scrapbook of products May 1959-Oct. 1959 (oversize box, shelved in Subject File next to sales file)

(m)Sales, Seminar, lst Annual, 1949

(m)Sales, Seminar Exam, 1959

(m)Sales, Service and Manufacturing Personnel List, 1977

(m)Sales, Southern Region, Accent, 50th anniversary edition 1989; includes history of Southern Sales Region;

(m)Sales, Tools, Service and Support Materials, 1992

Sales, Training:
12/1/64 Wall Street Journal, “How They Sell: HP Trains Engineers Ceaselessly to Sell Its Instruments”;

(m)Sales, Yewell Associates technical topics 1958-63 see publications

Sales Regions, 1962-1963:
news releases announce acquisition of companies previously providing sales services, ca.1962; agreement to purchase I.E. Robinson Company, July 1962; Watt’s Current overview of Horman Associates, 12/62; Watt’s Current articles about Sterling, HP Canada Ltd., Yewell, Harris-Hanson, Bivins & Caldwell; reorganization of the sales regions, 1963;

See Also Neely

See Also 3SRS9 (Climo), folder 8;

Sales Regions, 1964-1992:
move of Crossley Sales Division, 7/65; article about plan to drop to 4 U.S. sales regions, 7/66; U.S.F.O. (U.S. Field Operations) reorganization, 1990;

See Also Midwestern Sales Region

Sales Representatives:
sales handled by outside sales firms until 1962; list of sales reps and their clients, 1959; “Qualifications for a Good Manufacturers’ Agent” (humour); Responsibilities of HP Sales Manager”; Watt’s Current articles about Burglingame Associates, Lipscomb, Yewell Associates; includes several memos on sales commissions, operating instructions, quotes, advance orders, etc., 1955-58;

Sales Representatives, ARVA:
early brochure;

Sales Representatives, Crossley Associates:
road show schedule, 1959;

See Also Midwestern Sales Region

Sales Representatives, Yewell Associates:
Yewell news release announcing acquisition by HP, 10/22/63; historical overview of Yewell;

(m)Samsung: [joint venture] announced January, 1984; Became Hewlett-Packard Korea, February 1995

(m)San Diego Division, see also Moseley

(m)San Felipe Ranch

San Jose Site:
options on SJ airport site, 11/76; Plant of the Year award, 4/86; selling part of site, issues with burrowing owl habitat, 10/00; info on burrowing owls; 40 acres aodl, 2/01;

San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation:
Introduced its 5-minute signature film, “The Spirit of Silicon Valley”, 11/29/00;

detailed report covering 50 years of Sanborn Division, not dated; Sanborn subsidiary layoffs, 1963; Sanborn 350 product in space;

See Also Medical Products Group

     See Also Waltham Division

(m)Sandia Technologies, Collaboration with HP April 1996

Santa Clara, 1967-1969:
planning documents; phone directory, 3/69; move-in news release, 6/69; Plumbing systems schematics, 1967;

Santa Clara Site, 1970 –  :

Santa Clara Site, Dedication:
Oct. 18, 1969; includes 50-year retrospective from the Santa Clarion (Spring 1989);

Santa Clara Site, Hertz Castle

Notes on a Conversation with Ken Wayne (re: Chateau Hertz), 2006; Notes on a conversation with Mark Allen, 2007;

“Santa Rosa Division—A History of a Move”:

Santa Rosa Site:
clippings; overview of history of the site from the May 1989 issue of The Grapevine;

     See Also 1SRS3 (News Releases, 10/71 and 4/72); Fountain Grove site planning; Santa Rosa Business Review – sample, 1983Santa Rosa Worksite School: opening, 1993;various pamphlets – Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Rohnert Park

Scholarship Program:
1/52 Watt’s Current article describes fund inaugurated 12/28/51;

Scientific American Frontiers:
A.T. to Underwrite Scientific American Frontiers, 11/15/00


     See Livingston Site (Scotland)

See South Queensferry Site (Scotland)

Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence [SETI]:
Jill Tarter is Oliver Chair;

Securities and Exchange Commission Filings, 1957:

Securities and Exchange Commission Filings, 2002:
news release announcing compliance with SEC Order 4-460 (CFO, CEO sworn statements);

Security: “Be Aware Before You Share,” 1986, discusses proprietary information;

Security Analysts Meeting, 1982:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1984:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1985:
January, May

Security Analysts Meeting, 1986:
January, June

Security Analysts Meeting, 1987:
January, June

Security Analysts Meeting, 1987:
[part 2, December] computer systems review; Precision architecture; UNIX strategy; CAD, CAE workstations; CIM; NewWave; PC; networking;

Security Analysts Meeting, 1991:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1992:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1993:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1994:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1995:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1996:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1997:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1998:

Security Analysts Meeting, 1999:

Security Analysts Meeting, March 2000:

Security Analysts Meeting, October 2000:
Semiconductor Products Group is the focus;

Security Analysts Meeting, November 2000:

Security Analysts Meeting, May 2001:

Security Analysts Meeting, December 2001:

Security Analysts Meeting, December 2002:

Security Analysts Meeting, December 2003:

Security Analysts Meeting, August 2004: Test and Measurement

Security Analysts Meeting, December 2004;2006;2007

Security Manuals:
1974 guide for “all who are involved in the DoD Industrial Security Program”; Standard Practice Procedures, required by DoD, ca.1986;

(m)Semiconductor Fabrication Health Risks

Semiconductor Industry, History:
1968 article shows industry “family tree,” mentions HP Associates;

(m)Semiconductor Industry Association health study, 1992

Semiconductor Products Group [SPG]:
history traces SPG from its beginning in HP Associates in 1961; technical brief, c1999; IED [Imaging Electronics Div]Imaging and Navigation IP Awards, 5/13/01; “Agilent Will Shed Chip Unit”, Wall Street Journal Online, 6/6/05; “KKR and Silver Lake Hold the Leading Bid for Agilent Unit”, Wall Street Journal Online, 7/11/05; “Big Changes may be Ahead for Agilent”, San Jose Mercury News 7/13/05; divestiture of SPG to KKR and Silver Lake Partners, 112/1/2005

See Also Components Group

See Also HP Associates

Semiconductor Technology Conference:
sponsored by HP, May 1981;

September 11, 2001:
terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C., American Airlines flights 11 and 77, United Airlines flights 175 and 93

Serial Number Decoding:
memo dated 1966;

Service Awards, December 1955-December 1965:

Service Awards, December 1966-December 1978:

Service Awards, Gifts:

“Service in Depth”:
a directory of services offered by HP, ca.1964;

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS]:
WorkPlace Services advisories, 2003;

Shareholders, Lawsuits:

Shareholders, Meetings:
1981, 1991, 1993, 2004;

Shareholders, Records:

See Also Stock (Agilent); Stock (HP)

Shareholders, Reporting to:

See Also Bylaws

(m)Silicon Graphics, history issue of employee magazine Spirit Fall, 1994

Silicon Micro Systems

See Gefran Silicon Micro Systems, s.r.l.

Silicon Valley, 1980’s:
two complete copies of Silicon Valley Tech News; articles about Silicon Valey vs. other tech centers; 1982 National Geographic article; “From Apple Orchards to Apple Computers”; special Chronicle supplement, Silicon Valley U.S.A.; MORE

Silicon Valley, 1997:
Forbes , July 1997 with cover story “Silicon Wealth Explosion,” chronicling the history of technology; Silicon Valley Tour; Fortune cover story, “Fast Money: What Makes Silicon Valley Go,” 7/7/97; “How the West Kicked Butt,” Forbes ASAP; MORE

Silicon Valley, 1998 –   :
Newsweek cover story, “Hottest Tech Cities,” 11/9/98; billboards along 101; “Soul of a New Economy,” NY Times 12/29/97; MORE

Silicon Valley, Bibliography:
Henry Lowood’s draft;

Silicon Valley, History:
Brief History of Silicon Valley timeline; “Origins of Electronics Industry on the Pacific Coast,” IEEE, 1976; Peninsula Times article detailing Lee De Forest’s vacuum tube invention; articles discussing the birth of technology in the area; includes “From Wireless to Radio to Electronics,” by F.E. Terman, dated 2/27/63; “Instrument Makers,” Upside, 10/01; “How a World War Made California,” SF Chronicle, 12/91; history of the transistor;

Silicon Valley, History, Stanford:
IEEE article “Fred Terman, the Father of Silicon Valley”; “Groves of Silicon: Stanford’s Community of Technical Scholars and How it Grew”;

Silicon Valley, HP Authors:
John Brown’s statement to the Palo Alto Planning Commission re: housing/planning in Palo Alto, 1980; 1979 address by John A. Young to the Stanford Graduate School of Business titled “The New Outlook for Manufacturing in the South Bay Area”; two speeches by John Young in 1980 on growth trends in Santa Clara County;

Silicon Valley Networking Lab Inc.:
[acquisition] SVNL acquired 2/7/2001;

(m)Silicon Valley, Santa Clara Valley, regional

(m)Silicon Video, October, 1994 alliance to develop flat panel display

Silicon Valley Pioneers:
Painting, 2003, by Robert K, Semans, San Jose Mercury News article; key to painting

“5-Year Service Award Presentation,” 1975; articles about HP/Agilent in Singapore; “HP Contributes to the Emergence of Singapore as a Technology Center in South East Asia, 1977; beAgilent Agilent Malaysia and Singapore named best employers, 09/06/01; Facts Sheet, 10/02; Agilent Singapore Receives TPM Excellence Award, 11/12/02;

See Also Asia-Pacific

Singapore, Anniversary:
25th Anniversary publication, 1995; 20th anniversary publication, 1990;

Sirius Communications NV:
[acquisition] CDMA ASIC developer acquired May 21, 2001;

Site Selection Criteria:
“Criteria for Selecting HP Plant Sites” memo; speech given by Dave Packard to the Loveland, Colorado Chamber of Commerce, Sept. 17, 1966; Bruce Wholly speech before the Santa Clara County Human Relations Committee, 8/19/75; James G. Law “Site Selection Criteria Used by HP in Evaluation of Prospective Communities”; 9/2/99 presentation, “Transition Strategy and Principles for HP/Agilent Sites”;

Sites, Bay Area

     See Buildings & Sites, Miscellaneous

See Also Addison Avenue, 368

See Also Mayfield Site (Mountain View)

See Also Page Mill Road, 395

See Also Page Mill Road, 1501

See Also Page Mill Road, 4501

     See Also San Jose Site

See Also Santa Clara Site

     See Also Sunnyvale Site

Smart Car:
3G test solution allows for drive-by testing;

Smart Valley

     See Joint Venture Silicon Valley

Social Policy/Responsibility:
implementation on Proposition 65, safe drinking water act; letters to investors about weapons research, scholarship program, philanthropy;

     See Also South Africa

     See Also Citizenship

Society of Manufacturing Engineers:
SME 1993 Award for Total Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing to John Young;

(m)Software Defined Network Service (SDN), AT&T, 1986, telecommunication

Solid State Display Task Force:
October 1968 SSDTFC memting materials, including status and marketing plan; January 1969 meeting materials; May 1968; “HP Solid State Device Background: First Decade”;

Sonoma County:
see Santa Rosa

South Africa:

South Queensferry Site (Scotland):
brochure from 1966; also handwritten note from Tom Dalyell expressing condolences to Rosemary Hewlett over the passing of Bill, dated 1/22/01; a LSO includes feature on Patrick Thistle written by Malcolm Russell, general manager of Agilent’s Wireless Solutions Centre, South Queensferry; brochure circa 2000 “Agilent Technologies in Scotland”;

Soviet Union:
background on U.S. and HP relations with USSR; 1973 speech by WRH; William Doolittle address, 1972; background material (after 1991 see Russia); article of 1959 visit to Menlo Park, Palo Alto facilities by Nikita Khrushchev; “Current and Future Commercial Relations with Russia,” by Hewlett, Sept. 20, 1973; Tom Christiansen statement to the U.S. Subcomittee on International Finance, March 14, 1972; brief overarching history of HP in Russia;

See Also Russia

Space Exploration:
Apollo 11 Moon Walk, 1969; NASA Behind the Neptune Flyby, HP Instruments, Voyager 2, NASA; Spacelab, 1983; Space Shuttle, 1982; satellite recovery, 1983; Lunar Prospector, 1997 press release, Lockheed Martin; article from April 26, 1990 Corvallis-Times detailing HP’s computer error-correcting chip that enables the Hubble space telescope; communications test equipment used in Mars Exploration Rovers, 2004

Spark, the:
packet including brochure, Technical Backgrounder and CD, each titled The Spark – The Future of Design, Verification, Test, and Measurement Solutions, 2001; there is also a VHS version in the video collection;

Spirit of Agilent Profiles:
from InfoSpark, includes features on Agilent’s “own heroes of the workplace”; Gabriel (Gabe) Sakakeeny, ESPG Global Learning and Leadership Development; Marilyn Butler & Andre Obertreiber, 395 Lobby Services; Phil Lin, Semicon Customer Business and Service Team in Taiwan; Dr. Darlene Solomon, Directof of LS Technologies Laboratory; Paulo di Monte, Legal Dept. in Brazil; Peck Kem Low, Human Resources Director in the Asia/Pacific; Gabriel Sakakeeny, Global Learning and Leadership Development; Chin Yun Lee, Specialist Engineer, 10/25/01;

Spokane Site:
original clipping announces opening of Spokane office in shadow of Mount St. Helens;

sports marketing; flyer from interoffice baseball tournament; HP-sponsored car racing team from 1999

See Also America’s Cup Yacht Race

Sports, Drug Testing:
see 7/10/84 News release; 1992; Olympic doping control program uses HP Analytical Product Group’s mass spectrometers; historical account of drug use in Olympic games; 1992 and 1997 backgrounder; 1996 statement, Q&A; historical account 1928-2000; 2000 Sydney Olympics statement; Q&A, backgrounder;

See Also Olympics

HP’s commitment to standards, 1987; brochure on international standards development;

Standards of Business Conduct:
various brochures re: honesty, Ethics, 1979-1993; Agilent booklet, 2000; message from Ned on topic, 9/02; Top Executives to Certify Compliance, 9/4/02;

See Also Business Ethics

Stanford Industrial Park:
several articles detailing the development of the park; also includes extensive listing of tenants, circa 1977; Stanford Land Use Policies, dated 1974; Observations by Dean Joseph Pettit 1965, discussing Terman’s ideas and contribution to the area;

See Also Page Mill Road, 1501

Stanford Industrial Park, Resident & Commute Study:
“Resident and Commute Patterns,” by Stanford Industrial Park Employers in cooperation with the Stanford Civil Engineering Department, June 1962;

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center:
SLAC brochure, Spring 1964; faculty agrees to proprietary company research, 1995; CRADA agreement with HP, detection of impurities on silicon wafers, 1995; article about Panofsky;

Stanford Park Division:
profile, 1977;

Stanford Park Division, Reference Guide:
“Introductory Guide to the HP Microwave Instruments & Practices,” by John Minck, 11/91; (m)Stanford Site, “Welcome to Palo Alto” guide to site services

Stanford University, Centennial:

Stanford University, Center for Integrated Systems:
includes Hewlett’s speech on May 19, 1983 for ground-breaking for the Center;

Stanford University, Electronics Research Laboratory:

Stanford University, Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Center:
1976-77; dedication program, Oct. 6, 1977; biography of Terman from Stanford News Service;

Stanford University – HP:
“Playing the Education Game to Win: The Military and Interdisciplinary Research at Stanford” by Stuart Leslie, 1987; Terman, World War II; Steeple Building at Stanford by Stuart Leslie and Bruce Hevly from Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol.73n7, July 1985; announcement of courses in the Department of Engineering 1938/39 includes Degree of Engineer description; Dave Packard letter to Wall Street Journal writer about HP’s involvement with Stanford; article about Bill Gates’ $6 million dollar Stanford donation and ceremony; Dave Packard’s speech from May 31, 1965 honoring Fred Terman; April 11, 1973 interview of Terman by HP’s Gordon Brown; Terman articles including obituary, Dec. 19, 1982;

See Also Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

     See Also 1SRS6 Individual Files A-Z (Fred Terman)

Stanford University – HP, Honors Program:
Work Study Honors Program in Electronics, ca.1955; Honors Coop Program (HCP), ca.1975; “HP Stanford University Coop Program Information Manual,” 10/82;

See Also Video Classroom

Stanford University – HP, Land Leases:
1954-1960; 1954, 20 acres; 1956, old lease terminated, new one adds 20 acres for a total of 40 acres for 99 years at a cost of $600,000; June 1960 adds 6.71 acres;

Stanford University, HP Philanthropy:
1994 articles summarize donations; HP Labs establishes 3 science centers, one at Stanford will research artificial intelligence (AI), 1989; 1994 donation for science & engineering quadrangle;

Star Technologies:
A.T. Buys Equity Stake in Taiwan’s Star Technologies, 4/10/01

Stationery Samples:

(m)Statistics, chronological


     See Network Control Systems

Stock (Agilent):
12/16/99 news release announces end of IPO quiet period;

Stock (Agilent), Employee Purchase Plan:
new employee letter explaining plan, 6/2/00; more

Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering:
original press releases; coverage of IPO including original ad from the San Jose Mercury News and Measure cover story;

     x IPO

Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering, Due Diligence:
9/20/99 presentation detailing Agilent’s financial projections, trends, etc.; objectives of HP’s restructuring from an HR standpoint;

Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering, Invester Relations:
slide set detailing legal issues associated with the spinoff; includes detailed Q&A for analysts & media about the spinoff, dated Sept. 10, 1999;

Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering, Prospectus:
prospectus dated Nov. 17, 1999; prospectus dated Oct. 22, 1999, subject to Completion;

Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering, Registration Statement:
[1 of 3];

Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering, Registration Statement:
[2 of 3]; exhibits, vol. 1;

Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering, Registration Statement:
[3 of 3]; exhibits, vol. 2;

Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering, Roadshow:
information, timetables, schedules detailing Agilent Roadshow where Ned Barnholt, Bob Walker, Didier Hirsch and Hilliard Terry toured Europe and the U.S. to meet with investors about the new company;

Stock (HP), 1957-1979:
HP General Information, press releases; prospectuses;

See Also Shareholders, Records (incor. 8/18/47; public 11/6/57);

     See Also Stock Exchange (New York)

     x IPO

Stock (HP), 1980s:
shareholder meeting set for 2/26/80;more

Stock (HP), 1990s:
dividend announcement, 1/17/92; dividend to be paid 1/13/93; 10-K dated 1992; shareholder meeting set for 2/22/94; stock certificate photocopy;

Stock (HP), Employee Purchase Plan:
plan and service award price list, 1959-1995; Why Stock Price Fluctuates, by DP in 12/57 Watt’s Current; letter announcing first employee stock purchase plan, 3/12/59; more;

x Personnel, Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Stock Exchange (Europe):
London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich;

Stock Exchange (New York):
Press Release, 3/17/61; bicentennial advertising including Hewlett and Packard, 1992;

Stock Exchange (Tokyo):
Bob Wayman April 1988 speech at Tokyo Stock Exchange;

Strategic Alliances, 1990-1999:
(acquisitions, equity investments, technology exchanges, joint ventures, & co-marketing arrangements, 1988-1998); Northern Telecom, Open Software Foundation (OSF), Octel, Telecom Australia, Network Control Systems, X/Open, Conductus; 1989, Hilco, Eon, 3Com, Stanford, Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Apollo, Companhia Iochpe Edisa, Hitachi, Samsung, Oki, Blue Star, Spatial, Optotech; 1990, Sequoia, Distribution Resources company DRC, Actel, Cascade, Hughes, Hitachi, IDACOM, ASK, Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry (MMEI) People’s Republic of China, Applied Optoelectronic Technology Corportaion (AOT); 1991, Informix, Sun, East Central Europe (ECE), ABB CADE, Almaz, Avantek, Four Pi Systems, Novell Inc.; 1992, Analog Devices Inc., Convex Computer Corp., Texas Instruments Multiuser Computer Systems and Services Business, Hewlett-Packard and Controll Rt., Colorado Memory Systems, Ericsson Telecom AB; 1993 Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), Four Pi Systems Corp. BT&D Technologies, Ltd., Metrix Network Systems Inc., Alcatel Canada Wire Inc., Cerjac Inc., EEsof Inc.;  1994, Taligent Inc., Nokia Telecommunications 1995: 3M, Adobe Systems, AGFA-Gevart, Alcatel, AM Communications, Betz International, Bio-Rad, Cisco Systems, Columbine JDS, CompuCare, Convex, Cycare, Eastman Kodak, GemPlus, i-Stat Corporation, Informix, Louth Automation, Mayo Rochester, Mentor Graphics, Merix, Microsoft, Microtec, Navisoft, Novell, Oracle, Prism, Pro-Bel, Scitex, Silicon Graphics, Solectron, Storage Technology, Synopsys, Tata Consultancy Services, Telstra, The Santa Cruz Operation, Vento Software, Vital, Vodafone 1996 Rockland;

Strategic Alliances, 2000-  :
(includes acquisitions, equity investments, technology exchanges, joint ventures); joint development effort with Redswitch, August January 2000; CIT Group Inc. leasing agreement; Computer Access Technology, Dec. 11,2000

See Also HP-Agilent Strategic Alliances

Strategic Customer Program:
2002 overview, includes top customers;

“Strategy for the Management of Growth, Profit and Diversification for Hewlett-Packard”:
Tom Perkins’ 1971 paper; note from Bill Terry explaining the impetus for Perkin’s report and his disappointment with the cancellation of the Omega project;

1983 list includes date of incorporation, % of investment; another list with incorporation location; subsidiaries July 1997;

See Also Agilent Technologies Japan Ltd.

Succession, 1992:
Young retires, Platt selected; communications plan (3 drafts), for the announcement of Lew Platt as President and CEO, 1992;

(m)Sun Microsystems, HP RTAP Calgary (Alberta, Canada) Product Development Center

Sunnyvale Site:
brochure from 1988

See Also Automatic Measurement Division (Sunnyvale)

A.T. to Transfer Its Packed GC Columns Sales to Supelco, 11/12/01

Supervisory Development Program:
leader’s guide, 1959; SDPI management training; Employee Development Program;

Supply Chain:
Scott Beth, Harvard Business Review

(m)Support — computer, hardware, software

(m)Symantec [acquisition], 1997 of Networking Business Unit

Acquisition announcements, 04/17/2006;

R – Subject File Guide

Radio Industry, History:
draft summary for 1887-1920 by James Abbit;

Radio Parts & Electronic Equipment:
[tradeshow] 1946 RPEE show program;

Raytheon Polar Services:
beAgilent feature on the research arm of the aerospace and defense system supplier’s use of Agilent’s EPSG products for its South Pole station;

Recreation Areas:
info on HP owned sites, compiled by Jean Burke, 1986; company culture

See Also Little Basin

     See Also Picnics, Maps

“This is HP,” special Watt’s Current, 1954; “Careers with HP Customer Service”;

(m)Recruiting Brochure 1988

Recruiting, College, 1959-1966:
complete file circa early 1960s that includes recruiting statistics, history, information about Palo Alto including home prices and neighborhoods, and more;

(m)Recruiting, College: 1882, 1983,1986

Recruiting, Engineering & Science:
Careers in High Frequency Electronics, ca.1970; Careers in Engineering and Science, brochures circa 1960s and 1970s; “What a Position at HP Offers the Engineer,” 1957;

(m)Recruiting, Honors Cooperative Program

Recruiting, Marketing:
Careers for MBAs; Career Paths in Marketing;

Red Herring:
Red Herring 100: No limits, Selection of the 50 private and 50 public companies most likely to change the world, by Blaise Zerega, 5/13/02; Red Herring 100: Communications hardware, featuring concise profiles of this year’s top technology companies, 5/15/02;

RedSwitch Inc.:
[acquisition] switch fabric silicon solutions developer acquired 9/26/02; A.T. Completes Acquisition of RedSwitch, 12/19/02;

Refurbished Equipment:
Special Deals Program offers deep discounts on refurbished T&M equipment, 4/15/2002; trade-up program;

“Resource Guide for Training and Development”:

Response Center:
prior to 1984, known as PICS (phone-in consulting service);

See Also Customer Service

Retired Employees’ Club:
draft by-laws, 1980; guidelines, applications, release forms, etc.; issues of HPREC News issues 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31;

(m)Retirees Club, Publication: 1978-1987, many missing,

(m)Retirees Club, Correspondence 1980- 1984: 1982 letter signed by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, September 1995 thanking retiree volunteers.  It states, “HP has often been a catalyst for…Silicon Valley business and community efforts…The improvement of society is not a job for the few; it is a responsibility to be shared by all.” 1979 your guides project

Reverse Polish Notation:
article about Jan Kukasiewicz, “Father of RPN”;

See Also Inventions of Opportunity introduction by WRH;

See Also (m)Product, Calculator

Rockland Technologies Inc.:
[acquisition] RTI, maker of liquid chromatography columns, to be acquired, 1-20-97;

Rod and Gun Club:
1967 membership list;

Rohnert Park:
see Santa Rosa

Rosetta Software:
[strategic alliance] Rosetta Luminator, bioinformatics system stores and analyzes Agilent microarray data;

Roseville (California) Site:
announced in Jly 1978; “HP in the Sacramento Area,” 1995;

Royal Netherlands Academy of Science:
A.T. to Supply the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science [KNAW] with DNA Microarray tools for Advanced Research Into Brain and Eye Diseases, 10/01/01;

memos about the hardships of living in Russia; WRH’s 9/20/73 “Current and Future Commercial Relations with Russia” to the International Industrial Conference; Hewlett’s impressions on his trip to Russia, 1964; Thomas A. Christiansen’s statements to the Senate, “The Export Administration Act of 1969”; 1/24/79 letter from A. Sheindlin relating his “deep respect” for DP; Measure 12/73 article; subsidiary formed, 2/95; synopsis of interview with first GM in Russia, Doug Herdt; Facts Sheet, 1/03

See Also Communist Countries

See Also Soviet Union

Russia, Packard Observations:
ca.1959 Observations on the Soviet Union;

Russell Varian Prize:
For innovation in nuclear magnetic resonance technology (NMR); inaugural prize awarded in 2002, first Agilent prize awarded in 2010